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SilviaPunk 07-12-2017 04:06 AM

Lost it all, need help getting it back
Trying to absorb wisdom from this site and it made me register to keep reading, so I figured I would post, I would love the help and crash coarse on info.

Just finished a huge car project/ got sick and dropped from 170lb to 140lb @ 6'2" :( and now barely able to put any weight back on.

Looking for a stack/supplements that work, even curious if I could schedule a Dr. Apt and get steroids through them?

I have done one oral stack years ago (H-Drol SDI-Labs?) which as I read now SDI is crap. HOWEVER, on that H-drol back then I went from 140-193lbs in a few months after spending a life time lifting, trying every supplement out there and eating up to 8,000 calories a day and was never able to break 140lbs prior.

Ever since then I eat healthy and lift almost every day all natural and was able to maintain 170lb, and brain dumped every thing I knew about stacks. I lift heavy stuff at work and being this small I feel like I am going to hurt my self, looking for a jump start to start gaining again.

SilviaPunk 07-16-2017 03:19 AM

Been doing a lot of research looks like everything now is junk? All is banned. Think I took HDrol from competitive edge labs? Had to take cycle assis liver support yadda yadda but gains were huge.

Found halodrol and blackstonelabs chosen 1 looks like the best +\- maybe but still nothing in comparison to the old stuff.

Can you stack any of these orals to get decent gains or not worth the $$$?

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