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Navi 11-05-2017 09:33 AM

Trying to lose more weight and Fat (Plateaued)
Hi, I'm new to this forum and just looking for help on my journey to getting fit again.

Last year, I used to weigh around 130 kg (287 pounds)due to me having a sedentary lifestyle and i was quite heavy for my age and height ( I am 21 and 5'8, Asian). I've been through a lot the past year ( Relationship, College, Student Committee and Family Problems etc ) and it lead to me not really caring for myself and ended up gaining a significant amount of weight.

I started to hate what I became and decided for the rest of that summer to lose weight and to get myself back on track. I ended up doing things such as low-carb high protein- fibre diets, cutting rice and low intensity exercises ( could not do high-intensity at the time as it triggers my asthma). After the summer, my weight has dropped to my weight that is currently 105 kg ( 232 pounds ). Even with this change, I still am quite heavy than the ideal weight and i fear that i might have somewhat plateaued as there wasn't any recent progress with the current routine during the last month.

People have told me that I don't look fat and that i actually look quite the opposite but the scale tells a different story. I have also noticed that most of my fat are distributed around my thighs. Is there any advice or tips that could help me progress with my fat loss? As I also plan to start bulking up after this.

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