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fitaasgaard 04-05-2021 08:32 AM

1 year progress as a naturall
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This is my 1 year transformation. On pic 1 i had just about never lifted a weight in my life and now I have been lifting for about 1 year.

Progress is better than what is usual I understand, but therefore i think it is important to look at the genetic potential i had to start with.

I have been very committed to both training and diets, and learned a lot through the last year.

Your thoughts?

Insta for more details and progress pictures: fitaasgaard

Dolly 01-05-2023 02:03 PM

Bullshit lmao youre defo on roids.

Barr-y 03-19-2023 03:59 AM

Maybe I'm na?ve but I can see some definition when he has "never lifted a weight in his life" so maybe it's possible for him to get shredded?

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