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hrdgain81 04-14-2005 01:44 PM

Martial artists
I want to see how many martial artists we have here, what styles you study and for how long. also, how you handle cross training with wieght lifting.

I've studied, isshinryu, goju, jujitsu, aikido, kenjitsu, most recently chito ryu, and okinawan kobudo.

i'm struggling with the kobudo right now, all the weapons work makes me sore as shit for lifting days. and i have a feelling its gonna lend itself to size loss due to the amount of endurance you need to wield heavey weapons for long periods of time.

ChinPieceDave667 04-14-2005 01:59 PM

:D glad to see more martial arts peeps..
I've been in martial arts for about 15 years. (my dad is a black belt in aikido and use to do Tai Chi).. I don't remember exactly how long I've been training for because I can never remember Not doing martial arts,(if that made any sense). so, I've studied, aikido, Tai Chi, Goju, Kempo, Kickboxing, jujitsu, Shotokan, Judo, and now I do Arnis, Small Circle Jujitsu, and Kyusho Kempo(pressure points). but mostly Arnis now, the other two I go to seminars to learn. I've been thinking about getting into Jujitsu for a while now because I miss the randorei. and watching the UFC reality show has got me all amped up.. since I know I can grapple better then those guys.. makes me want to become a cage fighter :)

ChinPieceDave667 04-14-2005 03:57 PM

oh yeah.. and lifting just makes me a stronger fighter... as long as I keep stretching..

Speedster 04-14-2005 05:40 PM

I've always wanted to study martial arts but like many others found excuses not to. I studied judo for about a year, really liked it but I quit when I went to university. Anyways, since you guys seem to be so familiar with so many styles I'd like to ask a question. I'd really like to try some form of martial arts again, however due to injuries from a few years ago I have a lot of paralysis and atrophy in my legs and can't really walk or stand(for any length of time) without using a cane(sometimes will use two) and I'm sure if someone tossed me I'd break a leg hehe, so.. is there any form that would be better suited to me? I don't care if I get good at it or win any competitions.. would just like to try something out. Thanks guys.

Darkhorse 04-14-2005 06:16 PM

I did Chang Shou Kung Fu and kickboxing for almost 3 years. I quit because in my eyes, you need to be about a black belt to incorperate most of it. I think it's dangerous in a street fight to start throwing roundhouses and other high kicks you practice in general because of your surroundings. Just the other day I saw Ken Shamrock try and throw a roundhouse in the octagon, slipped, and got pummeled. That's why I'm a believer in the whole 3 seconds in a fight standing, the rest on the ground. Striking arts are a waste of time and if I could go back in time, I'd have studied submissions. The other day in the gym I was approached by a few members of Brazillian Top Team asking me to train for free. They said they're recruiting and they have only two "huge" guys there that are sick of rolling with each other and need new blood. I'll probably do it.

WonderMonkey 04-14-2005 07:26 PM

Being ex-military and enlisted, I have seen plenty of fights. Nothing is worse then someone who has taken martial arts for a period of time and then wanting to jump bad on someone who is a decent bar fighter. The look of confidence, then "oh shit...." when their stuff doesn't work is almost priceless if it didn't result in pain. Unless you are real good at it then it's useless for offense.

I took some martial arts way back and I can honestly say the I never got good enough for me to consider the offensive techniques worthwhile in a feal fight, but the defensive techniques were quality and I still find myself using them today when me and my son are fighting around for fun.

Darkhorse 04-14-2005 07:31 PM

What branch?

WonderMonkey 04-14-2005 07:35 PM

Army. From 86 to 90 full time, then for 3 years in the national guard while going to college.

Boxing Raven 04-14-2005 10:10 PM

Mixed Martial Arts
Hey guys,

Lets see, my grandfather was a boxer of some significance in Canada. He got me hooked on it from about the age of 4 or 5. I spent countless hours watching films of fighters like Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano etc etc, and I loved every minute of it. He started training me when I was about 5 or 6, and for the first year, all the old buggar would teach me was defence and balance. I remember hating it, because it was so boring, but he kept saying "you gotta learn to swim before you can dive my boy". I get what he meant now.

From there I continued with boxing seriously until I turned 19. I got involved in Black Dragon - Kung Fu with my father when I was 11 or 12. My dad was already a decently accomplished black belt in Karate, but had been out of practice. We trained together for about 3 years. At that point I went in to kick boxing, because I felt like I needed more contact (aka I wanted to knock some cats TFO). It was good, but because I was over 13 years old, and because I was such a big b@stard, they kept putting me in with older more experienced fighters. Often adults. I won my first 11 fights by stoppage, but then I lost my last two and quit shortly afterwards. It turned out that in order to beat me, all one had to do was last a few rounds, because I would get frustrated and start doing stupid sh*t looking for a big KO. I got out pointed by two smarter, faster, more experienced kick boxers, but hey, I learned from it.

(As I already noted, I trained in boxing right through until I was 19)

When I turned 20, a good friend and I were attacked by 5 guys with beer bottles, and my friend was hurt pretty badly. I took out two of them, but eventually, there were just too many. I didn't get hurt bad, but I was so incredibly p*ssed off about the audacity they had to assault us, without provocation, that I developed an even worse temper than I already had, and I almost immediately went about signing up for more training. (I wanted to become invincible, and I had pure revenge on my mind. - Regardless of the ridiculous notion that I would ever even come back in contact with the assailants, let alone recognize them all during daylight.)
I signed up with Ching Wu - Kung Fu, which is a combination of over 20 traditional styles of traditional Kung Fu, as well as several weapons systems. More importantly, my Sifu was incredible. The best teacher I had ever encountered. I signed up with my friend who was also attacked, but he quit shortly afterwards. I stayed for 5 years. In about my 4th year, I took up boxing again (I had always still trained with the heavybag and speed bags in the basement, but hadn't had any sparring until I went back to the gym.)

When I was 27 years old, I met a guy that was training to get in to mixed martial arts cage matches. He was an awesome fighter. He was also my new boss at the time. We started talking about fighting arts, and it turned out we had a lot in common (ie. he was a boxer/martial artist) and he went on and on about Brazilian Ju Jitsu. I went to his gym and we spared for awhile. He convinced me. I trained there for a little less than a year. I liked it, Ju Jitsu is awesome, but I didnt care for the gym, as every guy there seemed to think he was the next Tito Ortiz or Chuck Lidell. They would crank arm bars on you until you could hear your elbow crunch and it really interfered with my bodybuilding. I also have a strong preference for hitting a guy and khtfo. To each their own.

I practice my martial arts knowledge to this day, but only one day a week, for flexibility, memory & a change up in my cardio.

I still train for boxing in my basement, I probably always will. I write for a boxing publication and for a popular boxing website. It's still a passion.

Anyway, that's my 4 cents. Sorry, that post was a bit long, but I'm pretty knew on here and I have a lot of sh*t to get out of my mouth. :)

I also realize that boxing isn't technically a martial art, but it's a fighting art, and it's still my favorite, so I thought I'd bring it up.

Take it easy,


Boxing Raven 04-14-2005 11:18 PM

Dude....Hampster Style...

Originally Posted by Taurus
Bruce Lee was cool...I own all the movies....Jeet Kune Do sounds worthy...Right now I'm reading about 'Hamster style'.....from the movie Orgazmo.

Man that Hamster Style part of the movie nearly killed me laughing. That was some funny sh*t. Well the whole movie was funny. :D

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