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Frontline 02-27-2005 08:24 PM

Important: How to Display Your Photos
In order to share your photos with the rest of the community your first going to need to have them hosted somewhere. If you have your own hosting thats great, just use the IMG tags to surround your picture. Or simply click the sunset image on the toolbar and put your pictures url there. It should then be displayed in your posts.

If you have the image on your hard drive and want it to display it via attachment then just do the following. Go to "manage attachments" under the reply box once you have finished your post and click it. Then just select the picture off your hard drive and let it upload. The picture will then be displayed at the bottom of your post.

Currently the maximum size attachment you can have is 150kb and the width can be no bigger than 620 pixels.

If your images are quite large dimensions wise, please shrink them down a little so they are of normal size as this will help the viewing of your thread. This can be done through any standard image editing program like photoshop or paintshop pro. The maximum width we allow is around 620 pixels, or the size of main table. So please try to keep them a reasonable size so they fit.

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