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hrdgain81 11-14-2007 06:25 AM

Rehab Journal, and JBJ
Preface: I injured my right shoulder in late august, I have a type 3 ac joint seperation, I tore 3 or 4 tendons in the shoulder, and it sucks. I've been working out consistantly for the last 6 weeks or so, trying to bring my strength back up, and as my doctor told me, if I build the muscles in the shoulder, they can take over the roll of the tendons I no longer have. I will be outlining my workouts and progress to get back to where I previously was, and I am also looking to drop some bodyfat. I have some added motivation, 2 other senseis from my school and I have made a wager to see who can get more "Jacked By June". Nothing like friendly competition to get you going.

Previous PR's:

Flat Bench: 315x5
squat: 315x5
deads: 355x5
Std Mil Press: 185x5

Post Injury:

Flat Bench 45x10 - Now 135x15x3
Std Mil Press: 45x8 - Now 95x15x4

Squats: Havent done them since the injury, I was not able to hold the bar on my back.

Deads: Again, Havent doen them since the injury, didnt think the shoulder could handle it.

Bent Over BB Row: 155x12x3

I've also been doing light accessory work for bi's, tri's, ect. And I start each workout with some cardio, usually 1min on/off hiit sprints for around a mile. I've been consistantly pushing up intensity on them.

hrdgain81 11-14-2007 06:32 AM

Last nights workout

12 min Hiit sprints (1min on/off), 1 mile total duration.

Flat bench: 135x15x3
seated row: 80x15x3
DB front raise: 20x15x2
DB side raise: 20x15x2
BB curls: 65x8x2
Tri Push down: 70x8x2
Halos: 35x12x2

Diet Has been pretty consistant, I low carb all week, getting under 50g per day. Then I carb up on sundays, getting 500-600g. I have negated the depletion workout thus far on sundays, but I will most likely add it in.

Notes - I need to start lifting legs again, I will most likely add in light squats for high reps (12-15) on Tuesdays, and do the same for deads on Thursdays.

ChinPieceDave667 11-14-2007 08:08 AM

Good luck bud. I hope you can get back to where you were and beyond.


Originally Posted by hrdgain81
"Jacked By June"

LOL... that's a good tile for a bet.

TALO 11-14-2007 08:14 AM

Good luck man.

How much protein are you taking in on your low carb days ?

hrdgain81 11-14-2007 08:17 AM

Thanks dave, i thought that was pretty creative.

Talo, you know I've been pretty lax with keeping track of my macros, i'm going to have to figure out my BMR and all and get down to business. I'd say right now I'm around 250-300g, but thats a very rough estimate. Oh, yeah and also, the only time I really take in carbs is pre and post workout, and thats only 15g per shake.

TALO 11-14-2007 09:58 AM

Keep us informed. I want to get back to doing something like this.

So your not taking in maltodextrine anymore ?

hrdgain81 11-14-2007 11:17 AM

For pre and post workout I use this:

10-15g of bulk bcaas, 15g of gaterade mix (its 60/40 dex/malto I believe), 3g citruline, .8g beta alanine, and if I feel I need it 2g taurine.

its working out good so far, although if I was pushing more weight i think I would need to add more bcaas and carbs, but not by much.

hrdgain81 11-15-2007 08:03 AM

Last night consisted of roughly 30 minutes of streching, and not much more. I'm having some issues with my right quad, it doesnt seem to want to loosen up at all.

I decided to really get dailed in on my diet, so below is the Harris-Elliot BMR info, as well as the break down I will be using.

Weight: 250lbs
Height: 71"
Age: 25

BMR 2355
Moderately Active Maintenance Cals: 3650
Minus deficit (300): 3350

Macro break down (50/40/10)
Protien: 368g
Fats: 132
Carbs: 73g

This will be my new daily intake, with the exception of sundays where I will get roughly 600g of carbs after I do a depleation workout.

Ross86 11-15-2007 03:29 PM

Sounds good. Best of luck to you. I've slowly started to change my diet...I want to end up doing something similar in the next month or two. Just out of curiosity, why no creatine and such a small amount of beta alanine?

hrdgain81 11-16-2007 05:49 AM

I am staying away from creatine because of the water retention, CEE doesnt really give me the strength increase of mono, and as I am trying to lose fat, its hard to tell when your holding so much water.

The beta alanine is low because I take it twice a day, at any more then .8g per serving, I get that tingly shit going on, and I cant stand that.

After looking at the calorie counts that I posted, and going through my diet for the last month, I wasnt even close to those numbers. I think thats why fatloss has been stagnant for me for a while. I will start up monday with the new diet.

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