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MONSTAFACE 12-05-2007 11:03 AM

Monstaface's Weight Loss/ Strength And Endurance Journal
what up everybody. i worked out yesterday and i will work out tomorrow to break my body down and get used ot the soreness. Im putting this journal up and i will post my weight, workouts, and daily diet for people to rip apart and give opinions on what they think is right.

like i said before my goals is to loose weight while still gaining a strength and endurance, and getting my legs back into shape.

my gym is at my job. and every other week i only work 4 days. so some weeks i will have a workout on mon, tue, thurs, and some weeks i may be able to get 4 days.


GVT workout for legs. im working on form, explosion and endurance.

ab roller= 3x15
captains chair 3x20
squats= 10x10 @ 250
calf raises= supetset. toes straight, in, out. 3x8,8,8
jump rope. 400 skips then one minute of freestyle
wind sprints on the basketball court= ill let you knowhow many i do

before i go to bed
wrist roller. 5 rolls
neck harness 3x10 front and back


ab roller= 3x15
captains chair 3x20
Bench press= 4x10 @ 245
Incline press= 3x 10 @ 225
Military press= 5x5 @ 160
barbell rows = 3x 8 to 10 @ 135 to 150..............depending on how im feeling by this time.
pulldowns= 3x10..havent done them in a while so i post how much i do
pull overs= 3x 10 @ 70 pounds
shrugs= 3x10
jump rope. 400 skips then one minute of freestyle
wind sprints on the basketball court= ill let you knowhow many i do

before i go to bed
wrist roller. 5 rolls
neck harness 3x10 front and back


SQUATS= 5x5 @ 335
Military press= 4x8 to 10 @ 150
barbell rows = 3x 8 to 10 @ 135 to 150
dumbell rows= 3x10 @ il le tyou kwnow the wight when i do it
bench press = 5x5 @ 345
lat pulldowns= 4x10
shurgs= 3x10
jump rope. 400 skips then one minute of freestyle
wind sprints on the basketball court= ill let you knowhow many i do

before i go to bed
wrist roller. 5 rolls
neck harness 3x10 front and back

this is just what i will start off with next week. i will add exercises as i go along, but for right now this is what i will start with. on off days i will post anything extra i do. i tend to do push-ups with a deck of cards dictating the amount i do on sunday nights.

feel free to tell me what i should cut out, what i should add in etc. thanks to all in advance for any advice. also if you feel i should change something or do anything before i officially start this on monday let me know

MONSTAFACE 12-05-2007 11:09 AM

oh and i will be adding deads and snatches in, i just have to figure out on what work out would i do them

Ross86 12-05-2007 01:07 PM

It's about damn time... :) I've been waiting for you to start back and post a journal. I'm really looking forward to reading the journal.

There are a few things that I noticed in the routine you posted. I suppose most of the same general principles apply even though you're a more advanced lifter than I am. Your volume is pretty high. You might have to cut back on a few lifts depending on how hard it is on you. Like doing barbell rows and dumbbell rows. One option if it's not working out is to do just one of the exercises at 4X8 or 5X8, and then alternate between BB and DB each week.

I just posted my new workout a week or two ago and this is one of the things that 0311 had to say:

You have incline barbell bench (which places a lot of stress on your anterior delts), then want to do military presses (which places a lot more stress on your delts). I could see maybe flat/declines followed by OHP's, but incline barbells serve the same purpose.
On Thursday you're doing 6 heavy compound movements... I normally try to do 3-4. If you're adding deads and snatches in somewhere, then you might need to replace other exercises with these. But then again, I know it's different because you're so much more advanced than me. And I know you'll be more strict with your diet than I am. I'm really curious to see what the more experienced guys have to say about it.

Best of luck to you. I know you've got your nutrition info down, so I can't wait to hear about the big gains. :weights:

EricT 12-05-2007 01:32 PM

MF I didn't want to put all this in the PR sticky so I thought it would be appropriate here. You've mentioned the exertional headaches several times. I wanted to mention that this is usually a self limited thing for most everyone, especially after appropriate changes are made like stopping the practices that trigger them. But this kinda sounds chronic for you. I don't know if you've been to a doc but it may be good not to assume the "benign" part of it until you get checked out given the ongoing nature of it.

But I'm just assuming by what you've said. For all I know this is something that recently started up and you are just trying to get past it.

It's obviously volume related a lot of the time. One thing that makes a different on any exercise where your body goes up and down, so obviously squats, is not to go up and down to fast :). So slow it down a bit if you haven't already. Some quick breaths at the top of the squat before you get ready for the next rep can help a lot.

If you are going to put in deads and snatches then I would suggest not doing wrist roller as often. There is a such thing as overtraining your grip and you could find yourself having too fatigued a grip for those pulls. I really, really wholeheartedly suggest not doing the neck harness thrice a week.

You should substitute dumbell OHP's for one of those military presses and I agree that bench, then incline, then ohp may not be such a great idea.

Why aren't you doing any pullups? You've got pulldowns in there twice. Pulldowns are easy. You don't strike me as a guy who wants everything to be easy :D

MONSTAFACE 12-05-2007 03:37 PM

Ross im not an advanced lifter. i wish i was. i actually havent lifted consistantly in years. in high school i did but after that i was working for like a year and a half, and then my college didnt really have a good fitness center. it was all machines. the football coach let me use their wieght room once in a blue but it was limited. when i did workouts though i used to do a lot more than this though so this is me actually cutting back. i tried to stay in shape with some pushups and stuff until i graduated. and then the whole reactive arthritis thing set me back come. which leads me to eric

eric. since i havent worked out consistantly in years those sets of pull ups i did in high school are long gone lol. i had no where to do them. i can get to five maybe, and thats with a bunch of swinging. i can still do sets of dips because i did some push ups once in a blue. what i do is right after my ab work i get to some. a few times i have done some negatives to try and help. i didnt post it because i cant do enough for a set. everytime i try them though i will put up how many i do.

i see what you mean with the wrist rollers. its that i just love doing them. i actually was supersetting my bench with it. i would do my set and then do the rollers in between,and that was getting my grip strength crazy, and my bench stamina was getting better. but i left it in the gym one day and of course i never seen it again. i just bought another one. i like doing them so ill just try to keep it to a minimum somehow.

and with the exertional headaches, i got them a few times when i was younger and it sort have started recently again. i know what they did come from though. this may sound stupid,but if you do a little reading on it (which i am sure you have) you will see i am not lying. i got them from having to much sex and then doing squats. i know, i know, it sounds dumb, but it is the truth, i have had them enough times to pin point when they will happen. at first it was an assumption then when i did reading it popped right up. and if i just chilled out when it happened it might not have been so bad.

when i started to get it again it happened when i was doing a pyramid of squats. i got the headache on my second set. instead of just chilling off for a week i just kept going like an idiot. i put on 315 and got to eight and it felt like my head busted wide open. the pain travled through my head like water pouring. i could have just passed out. the next day i did a chest work out and it didnt leave.

i went to the doctor because the pain lasted longer than normal. i got some x-rays and they never got back to me after that. the remedy for it is indomethacin. when they wanted to give it to me i declined because i had some already from the reactive arthritis. they prescribed something else but im not into medicine to much because the indomethacin almost killed me last time. i think it was due to me having to take such a powerful med for so long. and after doing more research it is a slim possibility pain killers can hinder muscle development.

with all the time i took off it is actually ok, i just cant over do it. and i guess trying 20 reps of 315 wasnt the smartest thing to do off of a break:biglaugh:

so i will stick with the 10X10 so i can get form breathing and whatever else good again. i will cut back on the neck harness also. i see what you are saying with the military presses. i wil just sub one of them with something else. and i mean to type pullovers on tuesday. not pulldowns. ill go back and edit it.

thanks for everybodies input feel free to keep posting and giving advice. if i didnt answer some of you guys questions let me know. ill get back

MONSTAFACE 12-05-2007 04:15 PM

and i know people hear me talk abotu reactive arthritis a lot so il give a little summary on it. basically when i was on a diet last summer i got down to around 260 and some change. i was doing really well with salads, chicken, turkey, and tuna. and thats it. ond day i ate a chicken sandwich then i had severe diaria for 2 weeks. as soon as it went away i felt like i had the flu or something, but my joints hurted really bad. especially my neck and lower back. once i wen tot the doctor i explained the situation and he told me that it was a possiblity. perscribed some pain killer and i went about my business. the next few days my joints got so swollen i could barely walk to the bathroom for a month. after seeing a specialist they told me that it was reactive arthritis. and i was prescribed indomethacin.

it helped me out a little but it is a strong med. so it eventualy started eating at my stomach and was givign me heart pains. so i had to lay off the med for a bit and the pain was till there. not as severe but enough to where i couldnt do anything.

so after months of dealing with a sh!tload of pain, and starting out with 10 sets of 10 push ups i worked my way out of it. so just in case you guys wanted to know there it is :biggthumpup:

EricT 12-06-2007 10:06 AM

Sounds like you are on top of it.

I agree with you on the wrist roller. I actually think it is the best grip trainer I do, in general. I actually just use a homeade one make with a a round piece of wood with a hole drilled in it. I don't like the commercial ones because everyone I've tried has foam handles and I feel that helps me grip it too much and I want to have the grip challenged as much as possible and not just turn it into a glorified wrist curl. Next time I'll see if I can write a longer sentence than that :biglaugh:.

I'd say just watch you grip. If you have trouble with your deads you'll know what it's from.

MONSTAFACE 12-06-2007 11:19 AM

lol well as you know by now i wouldnt want one of those crappy ones either. the one i have is all metal and the edges are super rough. so normally i would suggest someone use gloves. i dont but i would suggest it. here is the link if you want to look at it. it runs 70 bones, an dof course it has shipping and handling

but i feel as though it is one of the best rollers out there

MONSTAFACE 12-06-2007 11:21 AM

when i get home i will take a pic of mines so you can see it up closer. it is actually bigger and heavier than what it looks

EricT 12-06-2007 11:23 AM

Oh, see I don't want the knurled handles. I want it to be smooth and harder to keep a grip on. I know, I know...I'm difficult.

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