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rimple 07-13-2005 07:25 PM

College guy - no caffeteria

This is what I got.

I have a toaster, a shaker, a forman, a sandwitch maker, a couple of hot plates, a microwave, and fidge with freezer.

I have been relying on my protein shakes, my spinach, lettuse, tomatoes, and chicken for a long time.

I don't know if any of you are still college people but I am sure some of you might have been there before.

Hit me with a list of options here, I can do some shopping, I make sure I have some orange juice and fat free milk there all the time. I just bulked up on a lot of gatorade, too.

What do you think I can eat for breakfast exept, searal? I am relying on Kashi way too much.

WantingMuscle7 07-13-2005 07:31 PM

Try eggs in the am and you have a forman grill so im sure you can get a lot of chicken breasts cooked up. Tuna and hamburgers would be good to.

BG5150 07-13-2005 08:12 PM

Breakfast: Eggs or oats.

Sounds like you are on campus, right? Otherwise you'd have a stove. But with all that gear, how do you fit it in a dorm room?

Tuna, cottage cheese are options. Burgers, tuna steaks, chicken breasts, scallops, steaks, pork chops--all good on the foreman.

if you have a stove with an oven, the possibilites are endless...

verbatimreturned 07-14-2005 06:51 AM

i would use the toaster, the forman, and the hot plates for most of my stuff. get some bread with alot of protien in it, grill some chicken on the forman and make a sandwich. or im sure you can buy some tuna steaks and throw them on their too. for breakfast im not really sure i usually just make eggs but something tells me that you cant do that in a toaster or a forman grill

WantingMuscle7 07-14-2005 06:56 AM

lol grilled eggs. Whole wheat bagels I have got like 12 grams of protien each I suppose only bad thing is the carbs but if you threw on some tuna like 30+ grams of protien then.

BG5150 07-14-2005 07:25 AM

You can make scrambled eggs in the microwave, can't you? (I've never tried--I've always had access to a cafeteria or a stove in college...

WantingMuscle7 07-14-2005 08:39 AM

Oh yea your right I use to have like a plastic egg thing you crack it open into it put the lid over it and bam I prefer cooked over a stove though you could just drink it raw.

NATEDOGG69 07-14-2005 09:10 AM

My Favorite Eggs
My favorite way to cook eggs is 6 egg whites and 2 yolks in a bowl and beat it together put some pepper with it and toss it in the microwave for couple minutes and Walla BANG you got some great tasting eggs. Just make sure to cover the bowl the eggs get like 3X as big when you NUke them

Frontline 07-14-2005 09:49 AM

I just got done with college, before I give you some advice are you living in a dorm or house/apt on campus?

Darkhorse 07-15-2005 06:28 PM

When I tried college before the Corps I used to have a community stove located in a centralized area, complete with pots and pans. Try and buy a few dozen eggs and hard boil them. Eat 6 in the am and 6 in the pm. Other than that you could also cook a few pounds of hamburger meat at once and store it to mix later. I used to mix that with microwavable mac and cheese. Cottage cheese and tuna are also excellent easy to manage foods. You can also microwave water to add to your oats.

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