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Fpot66 03-12-2005 09:03 PM

Ever think about getting sponsors?
Most other boards that I have gone to or frequent have board sponsors. Anabolic minds, anabolic review, superior muscle, mass monsters...they all have board sponsors, I can only imagine how the sponsors are sponsors. That would/could be a valuable source of not only revenue for the administration but could also be a great source of freebies for members prizes etc.


Dave876 03-12-2005 09:11 PM

Yes great idea!

Frontline 03-12-2005 10:24 PM

That will be something to target once we get the memberships up and so forth. I am currently working with one supplement store to get members some deals, but anything else I am not going to go after until the site is a little bigger. Once the search engines start crawling us it will help a ton to get more people in...takes time.

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