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TunaMan 07-18-2006 10:19 PM

I think there should be a topic on some motivation and what drives people to meet there goals. Motivation is the key and turn it into drive to complete and be successful in ANYTHING. It would be cool to hear what changed peoples views on their own life and what got them to lift and want to feel good about themselves. A lot of people lack it. I have some interesting motivation skills i'd love to share with everyone :)

hrdgain81 07-19-2006 05:58 AM

Hey tunaman check this thread out

Recently I started the ud2 ... back to back depleation workouts the last two days has me feeling discustingly tired, sore as hell, and for the most part mentally retarted. And when I think of why the hell i'm doing all this, one thing is obvious. No matter how painful my diet and training are, being a fat fuck is ten times worse.

just thought i'd share :dumbells:

TunaMan 07-19-2006 08:47 AM

my motivation..! READ you'll be inspired!!
I don't know why, but I remember why and when I decided to lose weight. I was on AIM and I was truely inspired by all the information from a friend and I put myself on a diet. I actually wanted to lose weight for football so I could play tightend. So I started to run, diet, lift..I just did my own thing pretty much and ate sensible then. It worked really good...but my true motivation came from the bad people in my life and my past. I've met some true dickheads in my life..stereotyping me for being "mexican" in a white school..or being called fat or "go eat tacos" OHH OKAY ASSHOLE GROW UP PLEASE. There negativity just built up in me and i swear it has made me an animal. I have no respect for immature people AT ALL AND FOR RACISM OR W/E FUCKEN GROW UP WOW. I've learned to deal with it and move on..there are cruel people in the world and i'm not the type of person to kick someone's ass just because im to fucken nice. I'm not gonna let 2 or 3 people ruin my fucken life just cause they have issues of there own and try to act so tough. so there lucky anywaysm, i'd beat the shit out of them. w/e. But dont get me wrong..i go to parties, hang out with friends, have ALOT of them for that matter..and do everything a highschool teenager would do..i'm not a loser its just there are certain people who need to mature a bit. Other stuff that inspires me are girls and being around your friends..all my friends are skinny and such so why not join the club. There are to many fat people in this world anyways. WE need less to look at haha..If you don't have negativity around can pretty much do anything. I don't know why people DONT wanna use there body. I DONT GET IT, LIFE IS TO SHORT TO SIT AROUND WISHING AND THINKING OF LOSING WEIGHT OR GET BIG/BUFF !! People don't live life. Just do it, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS PAIN! WORDS ARE NOTHING, YOU CAN BREAK THE BARRIERS IF U FOCUS... Dont you wanna kick someone's ass if they start shit???..who doesn't wanna be big around guys when they try to act like a tough ass..personally i've come along way and went from 220 lbs to 167 lbs using my mentality.. and i have pecs and all the good stuff and i feel strong...although football never worked out for me in the end, i've learned alot for my self..I use death as a motivation too because im so afraid of it jaisdasdu i just do what i gotta do..other shit like my family dying i get inspired because they had bad lifes and what not. I think about the people who don't have the opportunity to live in America and are unfortunate..they have NOTHING, so for some reason I wanna push my self and know "im here to do what ever it takes" i just have sympathy for poor people with no education or family..SO BE HAPPY for what you have..seriously i promise you is weird in general, i can't believe im already 17..WTF everything seems to workout no matter how hard life can be..were all sitting here now aren't we?? so just saddle up and do what you have to do..OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF REACH METHOD when you go grocery shopping, dont buy bad foods!..i hope you enjoyed and if you want some more inspiration, lemme know..! thanks for reading

_Wolf_ 07-19-2006 09:29 AM


Originally Posted by tunaMan
I think about the people who don't have the opportunity to live in America and are unfortunate.

so ppl who live all over the world and not in America are unfortunate huh...? and yet your here complaining about racism....


Originally Posted by TunaMan
i'm not the type of person to kick someone's ass just because im to fucken nice.

huh...??? so your some tough guy who goes around handing out a can of whoop-ass to every "immature" passerby...???


Originally Posted by tunaMan
If you don't have negativity around can pretty much do anything. make it sound like the luckiest son-of-a-gun would be the dude who's dad was a serial rapist and a mom a whore because all that "negativity" in his life would force him to push himslef to his max...??? what crap..!!! true, MOST "successful" ppl have had an uphill struggle, but please: you CANNOT compare an uphill struggle with NEGATIVITY....these ppl who succeeded did not look at the negativity as negativity: they chose to percieve their obstacles as OPPORTUNITIES to succeed...

so negativity as such is harmful....but having a positive outlook on life is what ppl need...


Originally Posted by TunaMan
i promise you is weird in general, i can't believe im already 17..

your not mature.....your behaving like any rebelious 17 year old.... big shit if there's racism or what-not....your saying to LIKE all these lumpen elements when in fact you should be saying that you use this negativity in your life as a MOTIVATING tool to push yourself in ALL aspcects of life - not by percieving these issues as DE-motivators.......

sorry TunaMan, i dont see you eye-eye on this topic..

let me get this straight: are you saying that your succeeding right now because you ENJOY the negativity surrounding you......? because if thats what your saying then, i think your a wee bit depressed...

OR are you saying that people should develop a positive outlook on life and convert the negative aspects of life into positive feelings which will propel them to success...?


TunaMan 07-19-2006 09:40 AM

whoa..damn im sorry, i didn't mean to give you guys the wrong impression..but what i meant was using negativity in your life to more positive outlooks for yourself. Maybe my dad was a rapist btw, he's in jail now and both my parents were dropouts in mom got back on track though. but anyways, im not saying people who don't live in america aren't fortunate, it's just that WE have ALOT more then them..we don't take the little things for in there lives so when something does happen to them, there extremely happy which, ac, computers, our technology...i mean they might have a little but not like america does. I'm not saying there not happy people..they don't have much that goes will satisfy him or her. I'm not neglecting anyone's race or anything. I'm just saying we can use our experiences and thoughts as a TOOL in our workouts.. it creates DRIVE to get up and know what you have to accomplish

TunaMan 07-19-2006 09:44 AM

I just realized your from india, I guess I don't know much about other countries then. I'm sorry, but from what I hear and see what happens all over the world, it just seems really sad how much stuff really goes on. It was horrible when 9/11 happened here. People got so motivated to help our you see where i'm getting at? it's just a action/reaction thing..something happens, you do something about it.

TunaMan 07-19-2006 09:51 AM


Originally Posted by anuj247
please: you CANNOT compare an uphill struggle with NEGATIVITY


Many people have done it, let's use EMINEM the rapper as an example, he grew up in a horrible neighboorhood with his family life a wreck. His parents being alcoholics and druggies. He wanted to get out so he worked his ass off. You really don't think that his life growing up didn't affect him??? that's a joke if you don't. You don't become a multi millionaire by just throwing some songs together. He constantly journaled and wrote about his family and his kids. He incorporates his life in almost all of his just saying your past experiences can be truely useful. "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

Frontline 07-19-2006 10:03 AM

Ok this thread is going in a bad direction....

Tuna, you can always feel free to start a new thread on motivation techniques in any appropriate forum (training or open conversation seems the most appropriate) just as you can make a new thread about any topic that interests you. Its a great topic that I am sure others would enjoy adding their two cents to if you made a new thread.

Thread closed.

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