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Frontline 05-29-2005 02:17 PM

Need New Contest Ideas
Hey Guys,

I am probally going to discountue the top posters contest and try something new for next month's contest. I already got a popular supplement company to give our winners some nice supplement packages and need some new contest ideas for the site. I really want to reward members who contribute quality material so if anyone has any contest ideas please feel free to post them here or pm me them with how they would be run or a general idea for me to build on.


Darkhorse 05-29-2005 02:25 PM

Maybe you should find more mods to cruise this site. After a few weeks they can pm you with the top few people that consistantly give the best/most useful advice. If they happen to be in the top five posters they can get a little something extra??

BTW, What supplement company did you have in mind and are you going to implement it this time or wait for next month?

Frontline 05-29-2005 02:29 PM

I'll post the supplement company's name once I finalize it and announce the contest. It will most likely be awarded for June.

hrdgain81 05-30-2005 07:06 PM

good call sleazy, some variety will be good with the contests.

I like the mods thing, but if you do that who will want to be mods if they cant win stuff?

apocalypse 06-10-2005 11:04 PM

I prefer getting supplements shipped to my house for free from any company except muscletech or Vpx, or anyone else on that list compared to getting a 20 dollar gift card.

verbatimreturned 06-14-2005 04:31 PM

sounds like a good idea but i think the thing with the $20 gift card is its so versitile as in you can use it for many different things, i think thats the real advantage of it

PC1 06-29-2005 11:59 AM

Facialbuilding - FlexEffect
Would you be interested in complete Facialbuilding programs? I promise you this is NOT plain facial exercise. Deb gives up product for promotion all the time. When it comes to bodybuilding I know she would gladly jump in. It is because of her bodybuilding background that FlexEffect even exist.

I too am into lifting and the idea of totally neglecting the face makes no sense to me.
Naturally I have an extra interest in that I’ll be certified in FE in Sept. Plan on teaching in some of the gyms in the area.

Here is an article about FlexEffect that was originally in Ms.Fitness mag. a few months ago.
or just search ‘facialbuilding’ Deb’s website there is also a discussion forum


verbatimreturned 06-29-2005 12:22 PM

very interesting..but we have mostly males here im not to sure if anyone is really interested in strengthing their face but u never know i could be wrong :confused:

WantingMuscle7 06-29-2005 02:00 PM

Id rather get supplements aside from washing face everyday I dont spend much time on it.

PC1 06-30-2005 10:22 AM

Re think it
Strengthening the face is not what it's all about, unless you have Bell's Palsy or a stroke. The main idea behind it is to keep the face firm and preventing it from going south. Come on guys, from a women's point of view, what's with the 'Bad Dog Ass :cool: ... with a Shar-pei face :eek: ?

We Female BBs have it figured out you guys need to get in the game!

power lifters excluded :p

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