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Nathan1 03-04-2006 06:33 PM

Smily limit.
I think the limit on smilies should be increased. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. :D

For real though, it's hard enough understanding the tone of someone at times on the internet, the smilies really help.

EricT 03-04-2006 06:39 PM

We just now got a whole lot of smilies, before we only had a few standard ones. We've been having a lot of fun with them. I agree, the smilies really help.

But we've got some very mature and level-headed people here. If you have a misunderstanding just be honest about it and I'll bet it'll work itself out. And ignore Peter :D

ChinPieceDave667 03-05-2006 09:23 AM

2nd that, Don't be Pete's puppet... he's just very sarcastic.

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