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First Cycle FAQ

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First Cycle FAQ First Cycle FAQ
Article by Phreezer, MOD over at meso-rx.com

“YOUR FIRST CYCLE” – Walkthrough by Phreezer

First things first... I AM NOT A DOCTOR! I do not believe in the real use of Steroids. I believe that for Role playing purposes it is fine to discuss the use, but no one SHOULD ever take steroids unless they are under the direct supervision of a doctor!!! Do NOT take what I say Seriously, This thread and all posts that I make on this board are not to be used for real world application. EVERYTHING I SAY IS FOR ROLE PLAYING PURPOSES ONLY! AGAIN!! DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF ILLEGAL DRUGS!

This thread is intended for the “Inexperienced” AAS user. In this thread
I will cover Simple steroid administration and three simple cycles. Along with simple Post cycle recovery, all in One place, so you don’t have to search multiple threads. If you’re about to do your first cycle, I hope you will find this thread beneficial.

I’ll begin with the basics, Needle size, Drawing your oil from a vial,
And injection techniques.

NEEDLE SIZE: Typical needle size for most oils is 22 – 24 gauge 1” – 1 ½”.
For ease of use, I am recommending glute shots. For these I suggest a 23 gauge
1 ½” Needle. (Good places to get needles is www.getpinz.com and www.carecenter.com
These sites also sell amp openers which is something I also recommend)

DRAWING OIL: First, Remove the cap from your needle; draw back about 1 cc of air.
Insert the needle into the rubber stopper on the vial; slowly push the air inside the vial.
This will increase the pressure inside of the vial making the process of drawing the oil
Easier. Now draw the desired amount. Remove the needle and cap it. Unscrew the old needle and put a new needle on the syringe. Drawing will always dull a Needle. Dull needles hurt, and needles are too cheap to be stingy with them. Change the needle!
Next, turn the syringe up (needle tip up) and slowly press the plunger Until you have a couple of drops of oil come out of the tip, you can tap the syringe to get Any small air bubbles out but it isn’t necessary. For opening amps, obviously an amp opener is easiest. However if you don’t have one or simply don’t want to bother with getting one it’s not that big of a deal. Using a metal file, score the neck of the amp all the way around the amp. Wrap the amp in a Klenex and snap off the top. Inspect the oil for any glass fragments, very rarely do any glass fragments ever get inside the amp. Set the amp down on a flat level surface. Uncap your syringe and put the needle all the way to the bottom of the amp inside one of the corners. Slowly and steadily, draw the oil from the amp by pulling back on the plunger, If your careful, you won’t have to change the needle. If you bump the needle into the glass bottom of the amp, you should probably change it. Believe it or not, this will seriously dull a needle. And Dull needles Hurt.

INJECTION TECHNIQUE: You may want to experiment with your injections on an orange before you move onto your body. Locate the outer middle/upper section of your glute. For a picture go to www.spotinjections.com there is even a video that will show you the entire process. The correct injection site is critical. Believe me, you don’t want to
Put a needle into your sciatic nerve. Using your free hand take three fingers and stretch the skin over your injection site. This will keep the needle from bouncing off your skin and will also reduce bleeding and oil leakage after you remove the needle. The hole made
By the injection will become covered by the skin you stretched out of the way.
When you start your injection insert the needle in straight, do not go at a funny angle or move your hand around while inserting. When you insert the needle you may want to go slow (Trust me, it really isn’t that painful). Push the needle all the way in, using two fingers pull the plunger back about a quarter of an inch; check for air bubbles (You should see a couple of small air bubbles come in the chamber of the syringe when pulling back on the plunger) [This is called “ASPIRATING” Never inject any where in your body without first ASPIRATING] If you pull back on the plunger and blood comes into the syringe, Immediately REMOVE the needle from your glute; Your about to inject into a vein and that would be very bad. In fact it’s dangerous. Usually the vein will just collapse but the oil could get to your heart, this would be very painful and potentially deadly.

Now back to Injecting.

You’ve put the needle in, you’ve aspirated, and you’ve got a couple of air bubbles. Now slowly and steadily inject the oil until the syringe is empty. Remove the needle; with an alcohol treated cotton ball apply slight pressure to the injected site and massage gently for about 30 seconds to help disperse the oil. That’s it. Be sure to properly dispose of your needles. It’s not fair to Otto the garbage man if he has to get stuck with one of your used needles because you were too lazy to dispose of it properly.

I hope this didn’t sound Complicated, because it really isn’t. Believe me, I played ball with guys who used AAS, and they couldn’t spell their names the same way twice in a row. If these idiots can do it, so can you.

Now onto cycles. All cycles will be 8 weeks in length and involve bi-weekly injections.

CYCLE ONE: So easy your grandmother might consider going on. This is a test only cycle. I am using Sustanon in this example but enanthate or cypionate can be used in the same manner. I like sustanon because it’s cheap, it’s readily available, it’s quick acting, and it’s very effective. Later on You’ll learn Sustanon is better EOD because of the proprionate in it, but for your First cycle, this method of BI weekly injections will be VERY effective.

Week 1-8: 500mg Sustanon
250mg per injection. Alternate Glutes.

I don’t believe frontloading is really necessary for a first cycle and sustanon is self tapering so you don’t need to worry about slowly lowering the dosage (I believe tapering off is Bullshit anyway, but some people believe in it) I’ll address it if anyone wants me to.

CYCLE TWO: Sustanon and Deca. (Once again I’m using Sustanon as the example but the substitution of Enanthate or Cypionate will yield similar results.

Deca is very good for strength and is helpful in allowing you to keep your gains. It does have some negative side effects. The worst of these being “Deca Dick” Deca shuts down the body’s production of testosterone rather quickly. By itself you will lose your sex drive almost completely. Without Testosterone you will find it difficult to achieve and maintain an erection. (Captain Winky Just won’t stand at attention) This is why it is always recommended to stack Deca with some form of test. Deca also takes longer to clear your system. That is why one will typically stop administering Deca about two weeks prior to the conclusion of your cycle.

Weeks 1-6: 500mg Sustanon, 300mg Deca
1st weekly injection 250mg Sust, 2nd weekly Injection 250mg Sustanon, 300mg Deca
Weeks 7-8: 500mg Sustanon
1st weekly injection 250mg Sust, 2nd weekly Injection 250mg Sustanon

CYCLE THREE: Sustanon, Deca, D-bol

This time we are going to add an oral to the cycle. The injectables will be administered in the same manner as CYCLE TWO.

D-bol is one of the better oral steroids out there, and stacks very well with test and deca. It’s been around for a long time. Arnold was once even quoted saying “D-bol the breakfast of champions”. However D-bol isn’t candy and should be used correctly.
D-bol is 17-alkylated, and as with most orals is hard on the liver. Because of this I recommend buying some Milk thistle and supplementing this along with your cycle. D-bol is fast acting and will give you slight strength and slight mass gains rather quickly.
Some of the sides of D-bol are increased water retention, increased blood pressure, itchy skin, redness of neck and ears. All of these symptoms are fairly mild and differ from person to person. You may experience none of these, some of these or all of these. Everyone is different. Just monitor yourself and if you become too uncomfortable stop using the d-bol.

Weeks 1-4: D-bol 25-30mg ED (Broken up over three dosages through the day) 500mg Sustanon, 300mg Deca
Weeks 5-6: 500mg Sustanon, 300mg Deca
Weeks 7-8: 500mg Sustanon


Any of these cycles will give you good results providing your training, diet, and rest are all up to par. These cycles will also help give you a better understanding of AAS administration. Whichever one of these cycles you try may depend on your comfort level, your fear, or some financial restriction.

I feel that post cycle recovery needs to be addressed. There is so much information on these available in current threads that I decided to leave it out. If anyone needs info on
This I will add it to this thread.

Ok, Here is the addition of Post cycle recovery that I promised. I also added something about opening amps in the drawing your oils section.

Clomid, Nolvadex, HCG, Arimidex These are the ones I have the most experience with. For Femara; Post a question on the main board.

Standard Recovery cycle.

HCG: 1000IU’s For Ten days. Starting one day after last injection.
Clomid: Starting on the last day of The HCG.
Day 1: 150mg
Day 2-8: 100mg ED
Day 9-16: 50mg ED
Day 17-24: 50mg EOD
NOLVADEX: 20mg ED Starting and Ending on the same day As the HCG.
If you are pron to gyno, or are having Itchy Nipples, painful nipples or lumps in your nipples. Administer 40mg-80mg ED For Two weeks.
Nolvadex is also something you can take throughout your entire cycle. You might try
10mg ED (1/2 tab). It will reduce water retention and help keep you from getting gyno.
I believe that arimidex would be a better choice to administer during cycle because Nolvadex lowers IGF-1 levels where arimidex increases them if you take arimidex during your cycle, .5mg ED should be sufficient.

None of these amounts are completely set in stone. You can do 500-1000IU’s Of HCG
ED for Ten days, You can start at 200mg Clomid and change the amounts over the cycle a little, Drop the Nolvadex, Drop the clomid and take 40mg Nolva ED for post cycle…For different examples, do a search, or post a question on the main board asking for other people’s post cycle recovery plans. I’m sure some of the other guys will post info on Arimidex and liquidex.  
The IronBull on 03-21-2007, 12:53 AM

I totally disagree with the cycles and the steroids that are being used.

This doesnt even take into consideration what your goals are. What if you what to cut instead of bulk? Do you do any of these 3 cycles mentioned.....not.

And this " All cycles will be 8 weeks in length and involve bi-weekly injections"
DO NOT DO THIS...THIS IS CRAZY (no disrepect intented).

Your hormone levels will be bouncing up and down like crazy. And I believe this is what cause more sides to show up.

And this "You’ll learn Sustanon is better EOD because of the proprionate in it" LMAO

If you are going to do EOD (every other day) injects, why wouldnt you just use Test Proprionate??

If you are going to do this cycle anyways....use TestE or TestC (enanthate or cypionate)

And BTW....Sustanon is not cheaper then the other 2. In fact, its more expensive.

The PCT isnt even really that good.

This post needs to be updated.
Maybe I'll write it up ;)

Till then, if you need any help, I'll be more then glad to help you out

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Darkhorse on 03-21-2007, 01:32 AM

LOL, just follow the link provided and tell the author how you feel. Just be sure to link it back to here so we can read it.
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Bao on 06-26-2008, 07:21 AM

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violenthero on 05-02-2011, 02:37 PM

it's more of a bulking cycle and maybe the title should reflect that?
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violenthero on 05-02-2011, 02:44 PM
Default RE:first cycle

I know that on my first Cycle it wasn't as pretty as this.also you really have to find out how your individual body is going to respond and then alter your next cycle based on that. I don't care who you are it really is a trial and error process.
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