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HybridPh 12-21-2007 04:04 PM

New Hybrid Pharmaceutical Rep/ 30% Off
I would like to introduce myself and and my company. I have heard great things about BodyBuilding net and am proud to be a member. I know spam is a an unwanted problem with some forums so I want to make sure I follow your procedures that have been set forth for your forums. I would like to get involved with your forums personally and as a company representative. Included below is a quick note for members and guests and would like to have your ok before I move forward with posting it.

I haven't been active in any muscle forums or chat rooms so a quick introduction and post about our 2008 line of Stacks. Because of the Holiday, I am not able to answer any questions at this time but would like to offer a SPECIAL DISCOUNT of 30%OFF any of our products to ALL members or guests in this forum. Our top selling Methoxy Mix and Triple XXX Stacks have been Voted #1 Valued Stacks and Referenced in the paperback issue of Muscle Fitness magazine October 2007, p. 70.

Methoxy Mix and Triple XXX Stack products that we introduced for 2008, are of the first Testosterone Based Stacks and they have been receiving Unbelievable reviews;

Methoxy Mix and Triple XXX Stack (per serving)
Testosterone 1050 Mg
Creatine Complex 5000 Mg
Whey Protein 23000 Mg
L-Glutamine 2500Mg

Please post your Questions and Comments and I will respond in the following days.
To receive your discount, use this Coupon Code: PH30
Greater discounts are available on bulk purchases; please contact me for exact pricing details.

We our so positive these products can back up our claims we will offer this discount to give you the opportunity to try our stacks. See the difference between Quality Produced rather than Mass Produced Supplements.

Thank You
V.P. Marketing President

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