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m1cetro 04-27-2011 12:52 PM

Advice on Bulk Supplement other than "Healthy Diet"
Just to weed out the "eat a healthy diet" response, I'm a 23 yeard old 6'0 225 around 10% body fat ex-football player. I've been eating healthy for years, but because of a high metabolism, I have had considerable difficulty gaining weight off of diet alone. I have read that an athelete should take 1.5-2.0 x your weight in kilograms of protein a day in order to bulk up. My kg weight rounded up is roughly 103kg so about 200g protein a day.

I'm about to start a bulk stack to try and reach that level a day. I am looking for a between meal, or throughout-the-day supplement to help me gain muscle mass. I will be doing HST training. What's a good through-out-the-day supplement to help gain size, not necessarily as focused on strength. Also, inputs for those who have taken these supplements are welcome, or if you have a reccomendation for one that may be better than the ones I have posted.

Pre-workout: Pump Fuel (wanting to use a non-caffein pre-workout)
Post-workout/recovery: AfterGlow
Mass Gainer: suggestions?

PLEASE do not answer with "eating a good diet" type answers because through experience I have seen that it is simply not enough for my metabolism

sidenote - I want to stay away from any roids

Kevsworld 04-27-2011 01:00 PM

There are a couple of options:

You can add calories to your protein shake buy adding bananas, flax seed oil, etc.

I'm sure some of the good brands (Optimum, Prolab, etc) also make good "weight gain" shakes.

m1cetro 04-27-2011 08:55 PM

Thanks, I'll look into that, anyone else?

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