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dave_cshmn 12-30-2007 07:28 PM

best creatine
what is the best non-bloating creatine on the market right now

Ross86 12-31-2007 01:56 PM

try creatine ethyl ester. you only need to take a little bit, so bloating won't be bad. it's very cheap.

dave_cshmn 12-31-2007 09:23 PM

thanks ross86

EricT 01-01-2008 02:31 PM

I'm not convinced that CEE is anything special. From what little research I've seen, there is not much indication that it makes it into the bloodstream as "creatine ethyl ester", which if it is true, means it is no different than taking mono except you are paying more money for less creatine.

If you were taking mono, how much? It's been my experience that most people having big bloating problems are following the label directions and "loading" it, which will for sure lead to some discomfort.

champ00 01-01-2008 02:36 PM

i use diesel product nos ether creatine stacked with nos precurser pills to open the vascularity and helps get more oxygene through the body its great shit and no bloat

ENORRIS 01-08-2008 11:35 PM

Personal Opinion as well!!! CEE is nothing special... It made me pee, a lotTTTT!!!!... Mono you see gains in size and strength, but I'm really not sure anymore that it's not because of the massive amounts of sugar typically taken with it. I feel good in the gym when I cheat and take in some sweets (carbs from directly from sugar) that day... Don't get me wrong Creatine Mono helps force the sugar into cells to be used as fuel... If you want to take one, take mono. As far as bloating??? You could try taking it before you work out, and not to late in the day. This way you can burn the excess sugar which is IMO the "bloating" culprit.

bosnia_beast 01-12-2008 03:56 PM

there is no best creatine, all are the same, shittttt

J-Rock 02-07-2008 02:08 PM


Originally Posted by dave_cshmn (Post 46673)
nitrix/creatine who needs it what a joke


Originally Posted by dave_cshmn (Post 46831)
creatine all it does is put more fulid in your muscles never have used it and im doing fine without it 22 inch bi-ceps not bad with out it


Originally Posted by dave_cshmn (Post 46866)
i have reasched it thats y i dont take it it fills the muscles with water or you have to drink alot of water to get it out of your system so y put something in your body that you have to drink egnormise amounts of water to get it out FAKE MUSCLES read the facts ross 86 and prove me wrong


Originally Posted by dave_cshmn (Post 45868)
what is the best non-bloating creatine on the market right now

From an earlier post you were against the FAKE MUSCLE BUILDING creatine. So what made you post for the best creatine supplement?

dave_cshmn 02-28-2008 10:23 PM

Had Reaserch It More Wanted More Muscle Gain Ive Tried The Ethyl Ester But Got No Results From It Then Try Mono Followed The Label Bloated Real Bad Now What Thats Why I Said It Was Junk

jocknane 03-26-2008 12:05 PM

Try n-gorge by alri, it my personal favourite

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