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BG5150 08-29-2005 10:29 AM

BG's CEE-Pro Review (final)
Here is my final review of my month or so on Cee-Pro:

First of all, I like the idea of CEE anyway. There's no need for any transport mechanism; you need to take less; and less is wasted, or unused and peed out. Creatine is a great supplement, and CEE just makes a good thing even better. CEE-Pro tweaks that and makes that even better.

I took the product pretty much as directed--two caps, twice a day. But only once on off days.

Other reviewers mentioned being thirsty and/or having dry-mouth. I had neither of those problems. Some people attributed it to more water being drawn to the muscles.

The pumps I got with CEE-Pro were more pronounced than with the regular CEE powder. I liked that!

The gains I have made over the month were on par to what I was getting with the powder.

The pill form was pretty convenient. There were a couple of times that I couldn't get right home after the gym, so I just grabbed two pills and took them with me. I had a store-bought PWO shake those days, so it was good I didn't have to throw 2g of powder into something and take it with me. (Imagine trying to explain that to a cop if he found that on you--can you say possesion with the intent to distribute? lol).

However, for my situation right now, being able to leave from home to go to the gym and come back home, the powdered CEE works just fine, and I do not think it would be cost-effective to buy the pills. But, for someone always on the go, and who may not have as ready access to the powder as I do, I think CEE-Pro would be a good idea.

Overall, I like CEE-Pro (still have a bit left, and will continue 'til I finish). I would reccommend it to anyone who would like to take CEE via pill or capsule form.

Thank you for the opportunity to try this really good product!

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