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sdf42450 08-01-2005 05:21 PM

Cee Pro Ethyl Ester Review
I will start out saying that I've used a LOT of the creatine monohydrate products when they first came out and for several years afterwards as they advanced. I was never a huge fan of creatine b/c it bloated me up and it seemed like the gains only lasted as long as i was taking it. I had found a creatine product a year or two ago that i was very pleased with and was a bit skeptical about this Ethyl Ester creatine. i went into this thinking "free supps... i'll give it a whirl but im not expecting much"

all i can say is WOW! im very happy with the results from this stuff. the pumps are crazy. working out on this i get that feeling like the muscles are just carved outta wood. strength is up and can squeeze out a few more reps when i'd normally be hitting failure. very impressed. i started out taking the 2 caps in the AM and 2 caps in the evening and have lately just been doing the 2 caps in the AM (1/2 the recommended dose) and have still been very pleased with the results.

the only side effect i noticed was that i DO get dehydrated easier. which isn't necessarily a bad thing as it forces me to consume more water (i have a problem at work of not drinking water like i should). i haven't noticed the "creatine bloat" i've expereinced in the past and at 2-4g/day this stuff is very impressive.

the caps are VERY nice. very very convenient. i just bought a kilo of this stuff from BN and the taste is just rancid, lol. unless you're the ultimate tight wad like me, i'd highly recommend this Cee Pro as its a very effective product and the convenience of the caps is supurb.

although initially skeptical, i give 2 thumbs up to a great product :D

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