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hrdgain81 05-31-2005 01:43 PM

Ergolean Amp
I am making this thread for two reasons, I saw the thread on amped, and thought it was talking about this stuff (it was not). two, I got a sample, and am waiting for my dosage to kick in (second time trying this stuff).

My first impressions of it were that it was kind of mild, but by the end of my chest workout last week I was off the wall. considering i'm on a ckd right now, there is no reason I should have had that kind of energy. At only 2 tabs, it was pretty impressive, i wonder what 4 would do.

However it is not without its pitfalls. I did feel kind of sick to my stomach, and my head was a little off about 30 min after my workout. but for the intensity it helped create I think i can deal.

anyone else try this stuff? impressions?

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