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BG5150 01-10-2006 01:40 PM

Gakic final review
(sorry, I thought this was posted long ago!)

I got this product a few months ago, and it was considered to me a one-month supply if I worked out four times a week. Since I generally work out three times a week, it would last a little longer then a month. I received the pill form of the supplement.

When I first tried it, I did notice that my first sets of the body parts did last longer than it had before I started taking Gakic. I don't usually take sets to failure, but I certainly felt that I had more "in the tank" at the end than normal. However, after three or four sets, I didn't see much effect.

It was the same when I moved from body part to body part. For example, I felt the effects when I did squats, and the same was for bench press after that and then rows or chins or whatever.

I had been taking Gakic for three or four weeks when I hurt myself a bit and had to take some off. I then picked back up last month and I did see the same effects.

The only thing I didn't like about Gakic, was the dosage. The pills are pretty big, and you have to take 8 of them. That's a sizable amount compared to other supps I've taken in pill form before. Maybe the powder would be better--I haven't checked that out.

Also, I think the product is a little over-priced: 50 bucks a month is a little steep.

Overall, I would recommend Gakic to people, and say that it works as advertised, but I might steer them to the powder.

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