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hrdgain81 10-13-2005 12:06 PM

Gakic Trial
I recieved my Gakic Trial last week. I used it both mon an wed 30 min prior to lifting. Because of my schedual I will most likely use this product then give a full review once the bottle is gone, instead of weekly updates as I usually do.


age 23
wieght 224-226

measurements (cold, upon waking)
Gut:41 1/2"
waist:39 1/2"
chest:45 1/2"
arm:16 1/2"
bf aprox: 13-15%

Current training:
Variation of the Waterbury method ( thanks 0311. Cardio is 15min walk post workout, and 25min jog non-lifting days.

Other supps: Sesamin,Cla,redzone,ephedra,fish oil, (Fuze,rebound,Lean Xtreme)*for the rest of pct

I am currently in pct from a 1ad, m5aa cycle and will be for another week. My goals are to drop my bodyfat down to 10% or lower by jan without sacraficing any hard earned size or strength. This is no easy task as many of you know and any suppliment that is niether stim or anabolic that can help with this task can be an amazing addition to a sup regiment. As for Gakic, only time will tell.

Initial thoughts:
I've only taken the product twice, and both times getting the 8 pills down was no problem, even though i took them down with my preworkout shake. I havent seen any imediate effects from the product, but I can say that in my third week of pct when strength usually drops slightly, I had no such drop. If anything, I had to stop myself from putting more wieght on cause i felt almost cocky :D .

hrdgain81 10-26-2005 10:18 AM

This is day 13 of my GAKIC trial, my pct is done, and my current supps are:

fish oil
celedrin (joint support)
ec stack

Thus far I have to say that my workouts have been solid. I continue to move more wieght, and my legs have continued to grow. wieght is holding steady at 225lbs, and I am gettin visibly leaner (from the cutting supps and cardio). I have not felt anything ovewhelming from the GAKIC, nor did i exspect to. It does not claim to be a stim. But it does claim to increase strength by 10.5% on your first set, I cant vouch for that either, my first set is a warm up. What I can say is i have made solid gains straight through this trial, and I have seen no drop off in strength as I sometimes do in pct or post pct. I will update this periodicly, and next time i do will be with measurements.

hrdgain81 11-16-2005 10:28 AM

I have a few days worth of Gakic left, but I will give my final review and thoughts now. The reason for this is I started the NHA stack as of this monday, and I dont want to confuse results from that with Gakic results.

All my stats have stayed pretty much the same, and my strength has leveled off and stayed steady. I havent seen any major increase from gakic but I have seen something that impressed me. Two weeks ago I was hit with a bad stomach virus. It had me out of work for almost a week, I couldnt hold down any food, and as a result i was weak, and completely out of it. I returned to work the next week, but not the gym. I was still in a fog, and not well enough to lift.

My first day back in the gym, I took the gakic, and to my suprise not only was I able to push up the wieghts that I had before. but I felt confident I could go a little further. I held off on that feeling, but it was still there. I am very impressed that after two weeks of not lifting, and very bad nutrition that i was able to bounce back like that. And I have to attribute atleast some of that to the Gakic.

Overall I'll give it a 3.5 out of 5. It was effective especially when it came to pushing out the last few reps. but the price is a little steep.

GuardDog 02-19-2006 07:42 AM

Interesting on your final thoughts.

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