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musclemania 01-30-2014 04:12 AM

Has anyone heard of Probolan 50???
Hello fellow bodybuilders. I have a huge question. Has anyone heard off Probolan 50? It supposed to be a natural supplement that increases your testosterone with 400%. I know you're not allowed to put links, so i used bitly to modify mine so is not spam. This is the product I am talking about: http :// And I never heard of it untill a few months back.

Here is the thing. I have two mates that use this stuff and they grown in 2 months like hell. I mean, really big and a lot of force. I suspect that they are taking something else beside this probolan, or that this sh*t isn't natural at all.

I would like to try it myself, but I am very prone to acne, and if this supplement isn't so much of a supplement, it would be bad for me. So, has anyone heard of it, or used it, or has any experience with it? Is it safe? And is it possible to give such amazing results being all natural?

Tanks guys!

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