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hrdgain81 04-15-2005 05:16 AM

Making my own
Ok, Its now at the point where my supp. budget is plain getting out of control. So I've decided that I'm gonna start mixing my own homebrews of my favorite things ... although some components cant be bought in bulk powder, i'm gonna forgo those, and do without. here is what i'm starting with let me know your thoughts.

Daily home brew (simlar to Xtend and Nuerostim, with cee)
bulk BCAA's (i will be taking in 50g a day from my next order on out)
Citruline Malate (3g every day)
CEE (3-5g every day)
Alpha GCP (1g ed)
L tyrosine (10g)
L Carnitine (5g)
DMAE (1g)

Perhaps Piracetam (2.5g)

I would most likely keep taking my caffiene tabs as usual.
Flavor will be added by black star labs flavor system.

This will yeild 50 days for 65 dollars.

Xtend $55 for 30 days
Nuerstim $35 for 20 days

I would like to be able to package each dose in something, similar to the crystal light single serving idea. (any help with this would be apreciated) i was thinking coin bags, but i dont know if i want white powders in coin bags on me all the time .... kinda shady.

joeyboy777 04-15-2005 08:48 AM

I just bought the same thing. I didnt buy the Alpha GCP od DMAE tho. I think the BCAA's and CM combo is still on sale at BN. It saves a few bucks.
Personally, I have 4 BN shaker cups, so I split up the ingredients and put into for later use. Its not scientific or anything. I still need to buy a small scale, or tsp set so I dont go over on my supps.

My reg mix is: pre wo 50g BCCA, 70g ground oat 35-50g pro, 5g crea, 5g glut, will be adding L tyrosine (10g) L Carnitine (5g) soon.

post: 70g oat, 50g pro, 5 crea, 5g glut

I bought the black star vanilla and choc, havent tried them yet. I use unflavored protein, so i needed someting. I had a shake yesterday trying the bcca's with no added flavor. not the best experience, but no tooo bad.

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