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Predator 02-13-2009 08:31 PM

need it fast
I've been screwed up with a bad shoulder for about 2 months and backed off any heavy lifting. I need to bulk the upper body a bit in about 2 months of training. I do endurance motorcycle riding, its not bang up motocross but requires good shoulder arm and neck strength to handle long periods of riding. I lost some upper bulk not lifting but did manage to lose a couple lbs of unwanted weight. (I needed some regime to keep from going crazy, so I hit the cardio, it helped a lot in the leg strength dept. though). Well the doctor said I can use 20 lb dumbells max to start my workouts. I'm good with that cause I can really get a varied routine and hit alot of smaller muscles. I used Creatine mono when I was lifting heavy and got good results, what about intensive dumbell training with the 20lbs, high reps and sets. I'm hopin I can bulk up quicker with it than without it because I have in the past. I want to combine that with some good vitamins and a couple protien shakes a day. FYI, in long distance riding the extra bulk as muscle in the upper body is more important than one would think for being able to handle the job. I'm not talking about getting huge just five to 7 lbs in the right places upstairs. Cast a vote on the creatine pros or con. I'm 6' 220 now, 55 yrs old, ironworker and i'm in good shape other than the shot to the shoulder. Thanks for any advice

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