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Boxing Raven 04-14-2005 09:27 PM

New goodies...
My wife just came home about 2 hours ago with some awesome goodies. She went to my favorite supplement shop and bought me the following:

Detonator - from 4EverFit (one of my personal favorite brands)

It contains 3g of Nitrous malate
1 g of L-Ornithine Alpha Keto Glutarate
1 g of Agrinine Alpha-Ketoglutarate

per serving. (It's an NO2 vasiodilator, for those not familiar.)

Micronized Creatine - from interactive nutrition

1000 g container - 5 g per serving.

L-Taurine - ultimate nutrition

250 g container - 5 g per serving.

(I wouldn't normally recommend bothering with Taurine, unless you are using an NO2 product. In my experience, Taurine definately helps the uptake of any nitrous oxide product I've used.)

Dyna Whey - Fortius Natural Nutrition (must be some Canadian company, never heard of them before)

Orange-Vanilla Cream Delight - 1080 g.

30 g of protein per serving.

(Already tried it in a smoothy and it tastes just like creamcicles. Bonus!)

She also bought me a new smoothy/blender machine. My old blender busted on me last week. I think I had that thing for about 15 years. This new machine is awesome. It blends iced drinks in a couple of seconds more fine than anything else I've used, and it has a tap on the front (like a water machine) that you just push down to release your drink in to a glass.

I'm starting to wonder wtf I did to deserve all this stuff, she probably charged my credit card to the limit on clothes or something. :)

Boxing Raven 04-14-2005 10:15 PM

Hey Taurus,

Thanks for the tip dude. I'll definately look at it. Funny you mentioned it, because I think a lady offered a copy of that magazine to me for free the last time I bought Glutamine.

I'm over in Winnipeg. What part of Kanaduh are you in?

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