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Darkhorse 05-13-2006 04:49 PM

Pure Vitargo Testing Log
Everyone knows me so no intro here. I have been selected to run the Vitargo test. I feel I'm a qualified tester mainly from my experience with training and being able to compare Pure Vitargo with other brands of waxy maize starch, which was what I was currently taking before my Vitargo came in on Thursday. It'll be interesting to see any differences.

With most products I've tested in the past, I have always started with the mindset that it doesn't do anything (true in most cases No2, ect) and the supplement I take has to prove me wrong. With Pure Vitargo, I know it works due to my using waxy maize in the past. My testing comparisons are to other brands of waxy maize, dextrose, and maltodextrin, which are all my mainstay supplements aside from creatine mono and protein.

I'm testing:

- Mixability [Can it be stirred, does it need a blender, mixes fully]
- Taste [Not important to me like a lot of others]
- Preworkout effects compared to just taking maltodextrin
- Postworkout effects (zero bloat, muscle pump, improved recovery rate)

Experience: 9 years

Current Stats:

Weight- 255 waking up (fasted state)
Bodyfat: 15% and dropping
Biceps: 19" of girth (re: biceps pic with tape measure)

My pics are found here: 0311 Pics They were taken a little while ago, the only difference from then till now is less bodyfat. :biglaugh:

Current training protocol: DC Training (my personal bread and butter) My training journal that will be including some of my Pure Vitargo experiences outside of this testing log can be found by clicking here: 0311 Journal

Darkhorse 05-13-2006 05:17 PM

On Friday, my job had me scheduled to do an obstacle course. It's basically a lot of sprinting, jumping over an 8 foot wall, carrying an 150 lb dummy, ect. In light of this, I decided to do a "mini" carb load throughout the day so it wouldn't be so rough on me. So, I opened up my Pure Vitargo on Friday morning.

I immediately noted that the powder was very different from other waxy maize, which is a very GOOD thing. Other wms are very fine, almost exactly like cornstarch, and it sticks all over your hands. Vitargo was the exact opposite. It was more grainy and didn't stick to anything. My scoop was halfway down the jug, but I pulled it out without any loss of the product.

Consistancy: Pure Vitargo - 1 point

My first scoopful I poured into my cup to see if I could mix it with a spoon. It took to the water fairly well, but the bottom of the cup had the remainder which was pretty gooey (for lack of a more mainly word). All I did was add some more water and while stirring, just downed it like a shot. Done deal. Afterwards, I also downed two scoops of isolate. This was all on an empty stomach. I usually would've eaten about a dozen eggs at this point, but this fitness test made me nervous. Within 20 minutes I got a pretty good rush that lasted a while..Pretty much the whole drive to the course. Felt more focused and alert.

Taste: Pure Vitargo's brand I received in fruit punch. It tastes pretty good. Taste doesn't matter at all with me so in my opinion, if most people have sensitive taste buds, go with Vitargo. :lame:

When I got to the course, I downed yet another scoop. This time it was accompanied with 10 grams of BCAA's and 3 grams of CEE. It was almost my turn to "run the gauntlet". :D After the course was over, I improved my old time by 12 seconds..But I expected that because I'm in way better shape. However, I will note that usually when I do anything in regards to high intensity, I'm in another world for 10-15 minutes looking run down feeling like shit. Not this time. I was good to go within < 5 minutes.

So far I'm very impressed with Pure Vitargo! I've taken 3 servings thus far and I've experienced a very good full body muscle pump, fast post-exercise recovery, and energy. Unlike dextrose post-workout, I experience zero bloat. I highlight that in bold because that's very important to me..When I feel bloated/full postworkout, it starts to hamper my appetite and I have to forcefeed my postworkout meals. It's a struggle I can live without.

On Monday, I'm back in my DC rotation hitting A1 as per my journal. I missed Friday's workout due to poor nutrition and sitting on the I-405 for over 3 hours in traffic coming home. There was no way under God I was going to do legs (20 repper) coming off of sitting in my car all that time hungry as hell! Monday I plan on measuring Pure Vitargo's effects postworkout as opposed to True Protein's brand. Good possibility there won't be any difference, but we'll see....

Darkhorse 05-15-2006 04:59 PM

- My nutrition was good to go today. Preworkout I had 2 scoops isolate with 50 grams of maltodextrin. I decided to use maltodextrin this time prior to working out so on Wednesday (leg day) I can try the Vitargo preworkout...And hopefully be able to notice a difference (if any) while Monday's malto is fresh in my head.

After my first set of JS Rows I needed a pick-me-up so I started downing my premade Vitargo shake. 75 grams of Vitargo with 3 grams cee and some extra BCAA's. After my second set of rows I chugged the rest. I made it home in twenty minutes and felt terrific. IMO, the effects postexercise are about the same as True Protein's brand of wms. But, Vitargo is easier to bring with me and mix in the gym. If I was to mix TP's brand before the gym, I'd look like I just got off of work in the bakery because it would be all over my clothes. :D

Twenty minutes passed between chugging the Vitargo and my 3 scoops of cold filtration isolate. I didn't feel full by the time I started drinking my protein, which is usually not the case with my dextrose/malto postworkout in the past.

I know this stuff works great. No bloating, feeling overstuffed, and it works fast. Wednesday I'm going to try a scoop preworkout along with my isolate to see if there's any advantages to taking Vitargo wms over maltodextrin. :) I'm thinking there will be if I felt the same as I did before my obstacle course. :biglaugh:

Darkhorse 05-17-2006 04:49 PM


Originally Posted by 0311
Wednesday I'm going to try a scoop preworkout along with my isolate to see if there's any advantages to taking Vitargo wms over maltodextrin.

I woke up today and downed 1.5 scoops of Vitargo along with my usual 2 scoops of cold filtration isolate. Didn't feel too full afterwards. Hit the gym and had good energy throughout. By the time I made it to A2G squats, my mouth was very dry and I felt very thirsty. This could be from the Vitargo. I personally don't like drinking a lot of water before working out, which is exactly what is needed to do for the Vitargo. IMO, if I was working out at nighttime, this stuff would be awesome preworkout because I would've spend the entire day hydrating as always. But, taking it after waking up and hitting the weights isn't something that I will do again.

Postworkout: After I finished my set of 20 reps for A2G squats, I felt like puking..A regular side effect from doing a widowmaker. :) I found it very difficult to drink the 2 scoops of Vitargo this time. I was afraid of wasting it throwing up. So I just sipped it slowly and by the time I got home, it was finished. Within the twenty minute window after consumption, I felt more alert and sorta "woke up". Very happy with that result. After I woke up, same protocol as always followed..3 scoops isolate in water, then a gigantic bowl of cottage cheese an hour after that, ect....

My opinions on today is that I am personally sticking to maltodextrin preworkout if I lift upon awakening. Postworkout, this will be my mainstay from now on.

Darkhorse 05-30-2006 01:42 AM


Originally Posted by 0311
Postworkout: After I finished my set of 20 reps for A2G squats, I felt like puking..A regular side effect from doing a widowmaker.

Today, I've got another leg day featuring A2G squats. I'm going to try and drink half a serving during my workout, so after my 20 repper, I'll only have to finish the other half.

So far, everything's been great. Definately a must have....

Darkhorse 06-15-2006 04:28 PM

So far so good..At first I thought the price was a little steep, but if you're only working out three days a week, this stuff lasts a very long time. It looks like I STILL have a little less than half the container left. After very intense workouts it's a little difficult to drink it without feeling like puking. The good part is that after I brave it and suck the whole thing down, I feel completely recharged within 10 minutes. I still haven't felt bloated, so it's IMO a lot easier to follow the shake with 3 scoops of isolate afterwards.

Darkhorse 06-15-2006 04:33 PM

Overall, my opinion hasn't changed with this product. It is a MUST HAVE for the serious lifter whether they're cutting or bulking. I like the fact that I don't need to keep buying jug after jug of dextrose and maltodextrin. Two scoops of Vitargo is certainly easier than scooping 2-3 scoops of dextrose, then another 2 scoops of malto on top of that.

I don't care about anyone else :D, but for me my must have's are:

1. Protein (both whey and casein/egg)
2. Creatine
3. Vitargo (waxy maize)
4. Vitamin and mineral supplement

Nothing fancy like "creatine magnesium blah blah blah" :D

EricT 06-15-2006 07:50 PM

So does that mean you think it's ok for preworkout too (except in the morning cuz of thirstiness)?

Darkhorse 06-15-2006 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by Eric3237
So does that mean you think it's ok for preworkout too (except in the morning cuz of thirstiness)?

Preworkout for me is 50 grams malto..But it isn't necessary like the other four. If you have the money, it's great preworkout..But to save on cost, I'd say only post. Sometimes I can get away with a banana preworkout and I'm good to go..Along with isolate of course. :biglaugh:

Darkhorse 07-07-2006 04:37 AM

Final Review

Pure Vitargo lasted me a lot longer than I thought it would. Overall I stand by my previous posts and think this supplement is a MUST HAVE..If you've got the extra coin. I usually workout within 45 minutes of waking up, and this supplement IMO does what No2 is SUPPOSED to do -> Feeling pumped and energized from the moment I walk in the gym till I leave. If anything, Vitargo should be using some of those No2 labels that are so nicely written.

I've used Vitargo occationally preworkout (1 scoop) and always postworkout (2 scoops). I've found that it does NOT need a blender like a lot of people swear it does. If I used cold water to shake it with, it can and will clump pretty bad. But, if I use room temp. water it's fine and mixes fully. I have always used what is recommended postworkout.. 2 scoops Vitargo immediately postworkout, then 10-15 minutes later my protein. IMO it's a lot easier on my stomach taking the Vitargo first, then waiting for my stomach to empty before taking my triple of protein.

In the future, I will make room in my budget to purchase this product again. I am currently working out four days a week, and this supplement will last me for quite a while if taken strictly postworkout.

I wish I could've written more about this supplement, but it works with the very first dose, and works well. It's not like most other supplements that take a few weeks to "kick in". That's the reason why this review/journal is short. Any further questions about Pure Vitargo can be asked in this review OR in the supplement forum.

Thanks to the makers of Pure Vitargo for giving me this opportunity to test this very effective supplement. :)

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