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HE>I 03-30-2012 09:26 PM

does thermogenics hinder mass gaining?

irondog19 07-22-2012 03:13 PM

Generally most people wouldn't take a fat burner while trying to gain weight. Usually its one or the other - gaining/cutting. Hard to do one or the other. Certain supplements help each goal. I'd stick with taking a thermogenic while cutting. You want to keep as much of a caloric surplus while weight gaining as possible. Fat burners are not the greatest aid for that.

colossus 09-02-2012 09:35 AM

technically a thermogenic is just something that increases fat burning through raising your body temp. Simply drinking coffee is a thermogenic. Take coffee with bitter orange (eat orange with white stuff) and you are doing a standard thermogenic. But most of the line of products these days are geared toward weight loss not just thermogenisis. Keep your amount of fat while weight gaining at a T so that you have storage if needed, but dont have so much that it throws off your body mass as Fat is a living thing; hormones are created ect.. All that being said most preworkout supplements have thermogenics in them start with that unless fat % becomes much larger than wanted then replace preworkout drink with thermogenic supplement

doog777 09-04-2012 11:50 AM

wanna know too...

bignlean 09-16-2012 08:54 AM


Originally Posted by HE>I (Post 92600)
does thermogenics hinder mass gaining?

If you're eating more than you're burning you will gain mass. Thermogenics work by raising your body temp which is turn burns more calories. It would seem somewhat counterproductive to pay for a thermogenic (ie a fat burner) while trying to bulk up, however I know someone people that use stimulants that would be classified as thermos for pre workout just as an energy boost

loganchristo 09-17-2012 03:18 AM


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