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Quadzilla 02-10-2014 09:58 AM

Your take on Pro7ein choice?
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Hi there everyone,

I just purchased a 5lb tub of Pro7ein Synthesis powder in Chocolate flavor and Iím really curious to know if this is the best bang for the buck out there, since it cost me $48 (normally $60) and from doing research, I hadnít even heard of this brand, let alone being in any top 10 protein supplement lists. From research, Iíd seen that Muscle Pharm Combat was #1 on two separate articles and Iím curious, just by looking at the nutritional info, which do you suggest over the other and/or if thereís another brand that you feel works better in your opinion. The attachments are the nutritional breakdown for both. The pro7 also has 7 different kinds of protein:

Whey isolate: Very quickly absorbed, and usually come with few extra calories.
Hydrolyzed isolate: Pre-broken down into peptides, which basically takes the step of digesting them out of the process. It makes them the fastest-digesting of the seven in Pro7.
Whey concentrate: Also quickly absorbed, though not as fast as isolates or hydrolyzed isolates. Most commercial protein powders are mostly made up of whey concentrate.
Hydrolyzed casein: Again, because of the process of pre-breakdown, this is yet another form of a typically slow-digesting protein altered to deliver nutrients much more quickly.
Potassium caseinate: A much more slowly-absorbing form that takes about five to seven hours to cycle through the system.
Micellar casein: The slowest-digesting of the seven, it is actually micro filtered so as to separate the lactose from the protein itself.
Egg albumin: Egg white protein is the one whole food with the most bioavailable protein content of all. A mid-range protein when it comes to absorption rate.

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