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PsychoJES 11-21-2007 12:10 PM

Some like doing itÖ.some donít. But I am a fan of aerobics. Not the kind in the class but the bicycles and treadmills.

The weather is still good where I live so Iím getting up every morning about five and riding my bike for an hour. Thereís nothing like watching the sun come up while sweat is pouring down your face and Guns and Roses is blasting in your ears. On days that it rains or is cold, I go to the health club and walk on the treadmill for an hour.

Iíve stopped doing any aerobic after I lift, mostly because thereís nothing left in the tank.

My aerobic goal is to burn fat, period. Currently I keep my HR around 145 BPM. I wear a heart monitor when I work out so I know how hard Iím working. So far I stay around 145 for 45 minutes to 1 hour. At five in the morning, thatís tough sometimes.

What about you guys? Whatís the best target heart rate? How long should I go?

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