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BTlifting 03-18-2011 07:10 PM

Am I heading the right direction?
I started 2 months ago to make changes to my body, I am 32 years old and started out at 366 lbs. (6' height). The first month I did a low calorie diet and did drop 30 pounds quick, although I have been educating myself and found not only was I doing it wrong I was probably hurting myself (900-1100 cal./day). After spending countless hours/days on and a few other sites/forums looking for information I changed what I was doing to lose weight. My current diet consists of 2370 calories a day between 5 meals, 175g Protien 310 carbs 53g fat and have cut all the stuff that doesn't benifit me moving forward out of my diet. I was doing cardio 6 days a week the first month but when I switched my diet and also added weight training into the mix I kicked the cardio down to 2 days a week. Ok I can finally get to my question, I will post below what my work out schedule is for the question "is it enough", I lost a lot of weight with my bad diet but I have been stuck at 330 now for almost 13 days and I have been telling myself that the reason I am not dropping is because as I gain muscle and eating right my weight wont make huge changes. I am very strict on my diet and dont take cheat days yet so should I make changes or keep on the path.

My diet-
Breakfast - (multi vitamin,fish oil,ginko Biloba)Whey protien shake (1 scoop),1 serving Bran wheat flakes/1 cup skim milk, 1 apple.
Snack 1 - Whey Protien shake (1 scoop), Josephs flax,oat bran whole wheat flour pita bread, 2 tablespoons Natural peanut butter
Lunch - Chicken breast (no skin/bone) ,dark greens salad/fat free italian, Apple juice (no suger added), 1 serving almonds (unsalted)
Snack 2 - Banana, fresh steamed carrots, Chicken breast
Supper - Baked fish, Fresh Green beans, Sweet Potato

8-10 cups of water a day
On workout days I will throw in a 3rd Protien shake

This workout plan is 4 different workouts that rotate in 3 of them a week to give plenty of rest between. I found this plan on one of the many forums I went to (i can post link from home computer) This plan uses some compound movements in each workout and I do 4 sets, reps differ for different muscle groups like chest 6 reps , arms (8-12) and so on. I chose this one after concidering many different ones but this seemed like a good way to start and build some strength and a solid base for mass later on.

Workout 1
Bench Press
Wide Grip Lat. Pull Down
Incline Dumbell Bench Press
Dumbell Curl
Skull Crushers

Workout 2
Standing Military Press
Bent Row

Workout 3
Incline Bench Press
Machine Rows
Tricep Pushdowns
Preacher Curl
Ab Work

Workout 4
Leg Press Machine
Calf Raises

I do cardio 2 days a week and never after a leg workout (mainly because they ache)

Any suggestions would be great, I tried to do as much reading as possible so I could get a good solid start on building muscle and a side affect is that I should start to shed my fat.

iron_worker 03-22-2011 02:57 PM

More protein, less carbs.

Also, 2300 is pretty damn low for someone who is 300+lb.

Roughly how much are you lifting on squats, deads, bench, and military press?


Kevsworld 03-23-2011 06:13 AM

Your calories do look a bit low, but it's kind of hard to say because you are starting out at a really high weight.

Rotating your workouts like that is a good idea--lots of people make the mistake of assuming you have to fit it all within one 7 day period.

My main advice to you would be to be patient. Weight lost isn't linear, so you may find you just suddenly drop a few pounds after two or three weeks of being static. Lots of theories on why it happens this way. Give it another week before getting too concerned about no weight loss.

If you keep having trouble just let me know and I'll point you to a resource on carb cycling. But I wouldn't change anything just yet.

And congrats on this new direction you are taking with your fitness.

Dexter09 03-29-2011 03:15 AM

nice one..thanks...

iron_worker 03-29-2011 07:45 AM

Are you trying to build up your post count or wtf?

You haven't said one useful thing yet!


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