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Aleksandr 02-08-2008 04:38 AM

упражнение на предплечье
вот такая вот проблема: не развиваются мышцы предплечья
упражняюсь с эспандером и кистеукрепителем, но в объёме мышцы не растут

подскажите какое нибудь эфективное упражнение на предплечье

mac 02-08-2008 06:06 AM

WTF!!!!!! English bro :wtf:did you say

iron_worker 02-08-2008 07:04 AM

You don't say?! lol

ghij_mpu 02-08-2008 07:28 AM

облем ваются ражня мышцы не звфекпитеоблеышцбле !!!!

widdoes2504 02-08-2008 10:15 AM


ghij_mpu 02-08-2008 12:09 PM

Sorry, I couldn't resist. I just copied a bunch of characters from the original post. I wonder what my post says. :biglaugh:

EricT 02-08-2008 04:51 PM

I'm really rusty but I swear I've read this before. It is something about "I see a problem here, or here is the problem", and then something about the muscles of the forearms and volume and they don't develop with practice something something.

I think it is copied directly out of some russian bodybuilding thing. What is that popular russian thing that was posted everywhere?

ghij_mpu 02-08-2008 05:06 PM


You never cease to amaze me.

From AltaVista Babel Fish Tranlation (Russian to English):
here is this the here problem: are not developed muscles of forearm I practice with espanderom and kisteukrepitelem, but in the volume of muscle they do not grow prompt what of nibud' efektivnoye exercise on the forearm

Google Translate:
is such a problem here: do not develop muscles of the forearm
practicing with kisteukrepitelem and faster, but in the amount of muscles do not grow

подскажите how something hollow drill forearm

EricT 02-08-2008 05:28 PM

LOL, Vot takaya problema. Ne razvivyutcya mishtsi predilecchya....

I had a few years of russian but it was a long time ago, lol. I stil pretty much know the sound of the letters though and could pick up a few words. The name of it is something about wrist extensions or whatever which I take to mean reverse forearm curls. So, it is a post about forearm curls :biglaugh:

How do you get google to translate stuff?

Aleksandr: Мы не понимаем

ghij_mpu 02-08-2008 06:01 PM


Originally Posted by Eric3237 (Post 48249)
How do you get google to translate stuff?

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