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skinnyguy 12-03-2007 07:53 PM

anything other than squats?
I am wondering if there is anything I can replace squats with as I dont have a rack? I know they are the best but I dont have a rack so I cant any help would be great. thanks in advance.

Darkhorse 12-03-2007 08:24 PM

Don't have a rack as in you're scared to fail or because you cannot get the bar on your back?

skinnyguy 12-03-2007 08:54 PM


Originally Posted by 0311 (Post 45029)
Don't have a rack as in you're scared to fail or because you cannot get the bar on your back?

?? I think I missed something lol. I dont have a squat rack just a small bench. any suggestions? thanks.

Darkhorse 12-03-2007 09:04 PM

I guess it depends on how much you can clean. Get it on your back and do some walking lunges for starters. Or you could do some 20 rep sets with "lighter" weight. Another idea is some old school hack squats in which you hold the bar behind you.

iron_worker 12-04-2007 01:16 PM

I was thinking about this last summer when I was all over the place for work and had no gym to work out at. I was wondering if you could get a vest that you could strap weights on? I guess that'd be a lot of metal to have to stap on to you.... and I dont' think your balance would be right with a vest either.

atclarkson 12-16-2007 08:13 PM

are hack squats comparable to back squats in effectiveness?

MONSTAFACE 12-17-2007 10:41 AM

hack squats effect your quads more so than a regular squat does

Dave Whitten 12-19-2007 08:42 AM

anything other than squats?
I would recommend straight leg deadlifts. Hold the bar slightly above your knees. Lower the bar about two inches below your knee caps. Raise the bar using your hamstrings and glutes. Keep the bar close to your legs both going down and coming back up.

GymRat 12-19-2007 10:43 PM

I'll do hack squats most of the time and thro in regular squats every once in a while to mix things up

lothar2812 12-20-2007 12:21 PM

what about lunges??

i dont think i would do the cleans to get the bar up. with how i do legs i would be dead at the end of my sets/not be able to move the weight and i dont think you want to drop it on the

but lunges seems good if u are asking about quads.

someone said straighleg deads. if u want to work on the hams then fine thats a great exercise in my opinion.

you can also try front squats at the end of the routine.. just jerk the bar up to your shoulders since you would be ddoing less weight with front squats... i feel these alot

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