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Frontline 03-07-2005 02:45 PM

Brand Suggestions for an Eliptical Trainer?
Once I move out of my current place in a month or so I am planning on purchasing a new eliptical machine so I can get some more consistent cardio in at home. I've been looking around at a few machines and testing them out, but haven't really decided what I want. Anyone have their own eliptical and can recommend or inform me of which ones to stay clear of?

Dave876 03-07-2005 03:56 PM

I'd love to have my own eliptical,but the one I would want is flat out expensive...Anyway IF I bought one it would be a Precor...

joeyboy777 03-12-2005 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by Dave876
I'd love to have my own eliptical,but the one I would want is flat out expensive...Anyway IF I bought one it would be a Precor...

yup, precor 5.23 if you have the dough, no need for the more heavy duty commercial equipment.
I have a NordicTrack CXT980. I tried it out at Sears before I bought it. I paid $300 on ebay from a distributor about 20 miles from me. So I just picked mine up for 1/3-1/2 the price at the time. I really like it. Solid, has programs, adjustible incline and resistance. feels smooth.
For cardio, we also have a New Balance 7.0r, It rules. my bro wanted one for christmas, we tried a few at Sports Authority, and this one was damnde comfortable, but had a price tag of $800. I saw it online at sports authority on sale, and I used some online coupons that brought it to 600 including S&H. we use it almost every day now. Its solid, has programs, and is real comfortable for when you are sore on the upper body, and dont want to stand.
I would not buy an elliptical by proform or reebock. I didnt like either one, not quality. Id go to some more stores, but dont stand on them and see how they feel. Go in your workout clothes, do a circuit on them, go balls to the wall, and see how they feel under you. Yuu want something that is smooth and fluid, and if you up the resistance, that is all you feel. an extra hardness, and not a pull. Try some $50 dollar units, then try everything else. You will fin one you like. Another good brand at about 1/2 the price of precor was star trac, I think that was their name. Good stuff.

Joe A

Dave876 03-12-2005 07:31 AM

Wow great info Joey.

slayer of souls 03-12-2005 07:59 PM

what's your budget?

I am in love with the X9i Elliptical Cross-Trainer

I would never settle for anything less, but thats just me.

Frontline 03-12-2005 11:17 PM

Lol my budget sure ain't $4000+ :)

I guess I am going to have go to some of the local stores before I make my decision and try them out. So far the Precor's have been impressing me.

The Reporter 03-16-2005 01:49 PM

I bought a Multi-Sport spin bike last year for a home cardio machine after my treadmill died. I got it for under $500 and I love it. I do 20-min spin routines or just cruise for 40 minutes with headphones on or in front of the TV. It's got wheels on the front so it's pretty easy to take from room to room.

I watched some of the Tour de France last year with it in front of the TV. Man, it was tough to keep up with Lance, whew! :o

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