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Frontline 05-06-2005 07:26 AM

Deadlift Replacement?
Well I was doing deadlifts today and experienced the same problem I had about 3 weeks ago where I suddenly felt like some punched me in the back of the head. I got a pounding headache and then got really dizzy and stopped. My technique and breathing was fine so I'm a little scared of doing deadlifts for a while, if at all anymore.

Anyone suggest a good replacement for deadlifts that targets the same area?

Darkhorse 05-06-2005 07:36 AM

Try stiffleg deadlifts or good mornings.

Dr X 05-06-2005 07:38 AM

Use a T-Bar maybe that would help.
Dumbell Rows could be another.

Darkhorse 05-06-2005 07:40 AM

Sleazy are you asking about lower back, traps, or upper back?

Frontline 05-06-2005 08:58 AM

Mainly looking for a lower back exercise. This is my current back/shoulders day:

military press 5x5
side laterals 3-5x8-10
deads 5x5
chins 2x8-10
shrugs 3x8-10
rows 2x8-10
bent over laterals 2x8-10

I may just try to drop the weight a down quite a bit and see if that helps as my deadlifts seem to have been plateauing on the 5x5 for quite a while now. Especially with no energy from my CKD. But I am also open to trying something new.

sdf42450 05-07-2005 04:21 AM

try rackpulls... set the pins at knee level or just under and then deadlift from there. takes the bottom outta the lift and lets you still go heavy on back without having to "strain" as much at the bottom. this way you can focus on your back and form without getting your blood pressure up pulling it outta the hole

Frontline 05-07-2005 04:32 AM

Great idea sdf. Gonna try those next week and see if it helps.

apocalypse 05-07-2005 12:00 PM

I gotta give that a try SDF.

Darkhorse 05-07-2005 05:05 PM

Try hyperextentions holding on to a plate.

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