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Mlinebacker 01-19-2006 08:37 AM

Found it.
Ok, this is what i'm gonna try. What do you guys think? Thanks 0311!!!
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Default 0311 mass/strength journal
Day 1- Chest, Biceps
Day 2- Back, Traps, Legs
Day 3- Shoulders, Triceps, Legs
Day 4- Rest
Day 5- Chest, Back, Traps
Day 6- Shoulders, Biceps, Triceps
Day 7- Rest
Day 8- (optional)-rest

Let me break this down...

The first three days- is to be performed very heavy with reps between 5-8. The vast majority of the exercises will be conducted with the barbell. For example, incline and flat barbell for chest, barbell curls, shoulder press, close grip press for triceps, ect. Of course things like side laterals, iso's, cables don't apply. Legs will be broken up into two days so I don't stay in the gym forever. The working sets will be reduced due to the heavy load.

The last two days- it will be predominately dumbbell or machine exercises: flat, incline dumbbells, shoulder presses, standing curls, french curls, ect. There will be more sets, however, than the beginning of the week. Reps will be set around 6-10. This will not work unless you go heavy also. You should barely get the targeted amount of reps.

The Workout
Day 1- Chest,Biceps
- Flat Bench Barbell- 2 warmups, 4 sets of 8,6,6,4
- Incline Barbell- 2 sets of 8, 1 set of 6
- Incline Flyes- 3 sets of 8
- Weighted Dips- 3 sets of 8
--Standing Barbell Curls- 4 sets of 10,8,8,6
--Incline Dumbbell Curls- 3 sets of 8,8,6
--Cable Concentration Curls- 3 sets of 8

Day 2- Back,Traps,Legs
- Pullups- 3 sets of 8 (touch bar to chest, Perfect)
- Barbell Rows- 4 sets of 8
- Pulldowns- 4 sets of 8,8,6,6
-- Barbell Shrugs- 4 sets of 10-12 (I usually superset with upright rows)
- Cable Rows- 3 sets of 8
---Calves- 4 sets of 10
---Quads- 4 sets of 12-15

Day 3- Shoulders,Triceps,Legs
- Rear Delt Raises (seated)- 3 sets of 8
- Barbell Shoulder Press- 3-4 sets of 8,8,6,4
- Leaning Lateral Raises- 3-4 sets of 8 (grab a machine, lean away, then do laterals with other hand. This way it prevents cheating and isolates better. Go heavy)
-- Reverse Grip Pressdowns- 3 sets of 8
--Close Grip Bench- 3 sets of 8
--Behind Back Dips- 3 sets of 8
---Squats- 3-4 sets of 12-15 .

Day 4- Rest

Day 5- Chest,Back,Traps
- Incline Dumbbell- 4 sets of 10,8,8,6
--Pull-ups- 4 sets of 10
- Flat Machine or Dumbbell- 3 sets of 10,8,8
--Cable Rows- 3 sets of 12,10,10
- Cable Crossovers- 3 sets of 15,12,10
--Dumbbell Shrugs- 3-4 sets of 12

Day 6- Shoulders,Biceps,Triceps (going very light on triceps)
- Side Cable Laterals- 3 sets of 10
- Dumbbell Press- 3 sets of 10,8,8 <superset w/>
- Front Raises- 3 sets of 10 (optional)
Rear Laterals laying on incline bench- 3 sets of 10
--Preacher Curls- 3 sets of 10,8,8 <superset w/>
--Reverse Grip Curls- 3 sets of 8
--Isolation Dumbbell Curls- 3 sets of 8 (say to yourself 1 mississippi during squeeze)
---Dumbbell Kickbacks- 3 sets of 10

Day 7- Rest

-I've been doing this religiously for 3 weeks going heavy every day without injury. All my lifts are rising fast and I never felt so good. Alot of people I talk to at the gym are asking for printouts of this schedule. I like it because it enables me to go heavy every day in the gym and it gives a great deal of variety while still hitting each muscle twice a week. (legs once)
5'9, 249 lbs, 17% BF

Flat bench: 405x2 raw as of 9/14/05
A2G Squats: 315x3 as of 9/18/05
Deadlift: 440 for (3x3) as of 9/16/05

The bigger you get the less you like crowds.
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Peter Steele 01-19-2006 01:09 PM

Looks ok, i would take the biceps out of day one and put it somewhere else, train back with chest always. Also i don't see any deadlifting, maybe im blind, this is great for lower back development and hits more muscle groups than any exersize.

Green Man

ChinPieceDave667 01-19-2006 01:37 PM

WOW for once I agree with Pete. I don't see any deadlifts. and I would be good to put in there for overall mass development

Darkhorse 01-19-2006 10:20 PM

Geez..That is a very old thing I made up..I don't think it's very good to be honest! :) Check out a newer journal..This one should be erased!

Darkhorse 01-19-2006 10:56 PM

You're much better off doing an upper/lower split in my opinion. This program was back in my volume days..Lots of it. From then till now, I believe in two things differently....

1. Your program should be built around A2G squatting.
2. Less is more.

For me, I've seen that some muscles [for me] need different rep ranges than others to grow. For example, my biceps and back need 8-12 heavy reps compared to my chest and triceps, that respond best with 5-8 heavier. That's why I personally would recommend an upper/lower split similiar to DFHT's. Go to my journal called UD2.0. On the last page is a pretty decent one.

Of course, it still differs with how close you are working to your 1 RM (intensity), as well as the number of sets. For instance, I'm currently doing Bill Starr's 5x5 and seeing very good results. Every exercise works within the 5 rep range, but, you're doing 5 sets per exercise and it's full body. Nothing works forever, hence periodization. After the program, I'm headed to higher reps for a while to continue growth.

I'd advise you to check out the HST thread and go from there. Either way, this above program is defficient in a lot of areas such as not having squatting as a priority, no deadlifts, and too much direct work. I personally don't believe shoulders, biceps, and triceps deserve their own day for that matter. This program worked for me at that time in my training because it addressed my own specific needs. I don't think it'd work for 70% of everyone else. :(

I think I saw Chinpiecedave in your other thread mention max-ot since you said that you like the 5 day split. That's another good option to think about. I think Max-Ot would be great for cutting, but not as much for continued gains in mass. However, lots of people have a good run of success with it. Just keep in mind that once your gains stall with it, move on and don't look back to something with a higher rep range and frequency. Frequency is the best asset for gains.:cool:

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