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hockey20 04-08-2005 09:04 PM

Gaining Muscle/ Losing Fat
Ok, overall my real problem is im trying very hard to gain muscle. I'm about 6'0" 155-160lbs. I wanna get up to about 175lbs. Because i'm a defenseman in hockey. I need that strength. However, the past couple of years i've wrked incredibly hard to lose weight ( last year, 2004, i was 195 lbs and 5'10") Witha keg instead of a sixpack. But now i still dont have that sixpack and want it desperately ( getting there but i feel losing body fat is the only way ill get it). I'm wrking out with my hockey team though so a wrkout routine is almost impossible to do on my own becuase i do not want to over train my body. I really need help on this guys. I need any and all advice on gaining muscle while still losing fat % without a full workout routine. I need cardio plans that wrk and ab wrkouts that work very well. And suggested times per week to do each for optimal results and the quickest results possible. I know this sounds ludacris to be asking for, but im really desperate. I would appreciate any and all suggestions. Thank you very much.

Darkhorse 04-09-2005 05:12 AM

Just try a very strict diet and keep working out with the guys. Bodyfat of 8% and below is the only way abs will shine through. Refer to the diet section on Dave's clean Bulk.

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