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dwpf 07-09-2011 11:41 AM

Getting Bigger Arms
Hi everyone,
Clearly I am new here as this is my first post. I wanted to ask you all about suggestions on a workout routine using only dumbbells so I can just increase the mass and impressiveness of my arms. I've searched around the forums and couldn't find anything matching my specific needs.

I've worked out before, so I'm not a novice. However, I've never just worked out only a specific part of my body. The reason I want just my arms to get big is so I appear more impressive to others. I am strong enough for my needs, so strength isn't an issue. I just want my arms to have the stereotypical look of masculine strength.

Towards that end, can anyone suggest a routine that only requires dumbbells? I am looking for something like
Seated curls: 3 sets, each to failure with at least 7 reps.
Skull crushers: 3 sets, each to failure with at least 8 reps.
Do this routine every other day... etc.
followed by some reasoning or evidence why it is a good routine. For example, something like
Going to failure after at least 5 reps causes your muscles to grow more, and only doing 3 sets doesn't hurt them too bad. Also, working out every other day gives your arms a day to rest and take in nutrients to increase mass.
Thank you!

Kevsworld 07-15-2011 05:30 PM

It kind of depends on what you've done before. If you've stuck with that rep range for a while you may want to try higher reps to hit different muscle fiber types in your arms. It may also be a good idea to do some concentration curls since you are focusing on dumbbell training.

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