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TALO 01-24-2008 11:28 PM

I have come to realize that my grip sucks!!! So I picked up some grippers.

Got them today and I can only squeeze the 100 and 150. I can almost get the 200, but almost dosen't count. I sure am hoping that by doing this and working up to the 350 (hopefully) that my deadlift forarms will grow.

Anyone ever use these ?

MONSTAFACE 01-25-2008 07:26 AM

i have the hardest level drippers and the level 1 gripper. the level one is way to easy so i just use it in betweeen push ups or something. but something that i use to make my grip better is this

it is really good for grip strenght. i wouldnt advise doign it the way i was, but i was using it in between sets of bench press, shoulder press, etc. it was getting my grip good really fast, but someone stole it so i was with out it for a while.

EricT 01-25-2008 12:28 PM

Grippers can help but don't rely on them exclusively. You have to match the training to the job. For deadlfits you need supporting strengh endurance. Endless reps on the grippers will only go so far. Static holds on the grippers will probably serve better.

But also look at plate pinch, dead hangs, barbell static holds, thick bar work and forearm work to round it out.

I would recommend the wrist roller, like Monsta, as something that has been more valuable for my grip than grippers.

Darkhorse 01-25-2008 01:08 PM

I do ALL back work without straps. Tough at first, but it becomes very easy. Chalk is the easiest thing in the world to throw on, and IMO it's better than using straps. The only thing I use straps on now is high rep rack deads, but it's a lazy thing..

You want to improve grip, try a full workout, and you'll be amazed at what you can hold onto.

EricT 01-25-2008 01:22 PM

I've never used straps for back work "in general". Comes a time when you hit a wall and have to augment things. Course most people will reach some kind of upper limit someday.

If you've used straps a lot then you stop then that's all you'll need for a while. But this too shall pass :). If you've never used straps much, and the grip fails, there will have to be some intervention. Chalk is great.

iron_worker 01-25-2008 03:22 PM

I've never used straps and I intend not to until I absolutely have to. (Maybe for 1RM deads soon...) Mind you, I don't move weight like some of you do! Ha. In fact, I'm most definatly the smallest of the bunch in this thread. Just train as much as you can without straps or aids and things will get better I'm sure.

EricT 01-25-2008 03:35 PM

If your deads are over 300 pounds and you are still doing well with grip then you are dong very well. (LOL, that was a bad sentence).

Don't hold me to this of course, but I'd say most health young guys of average ability will start having probs somewhere from 200 to 250...depending on the volume of course, and closer to 250.

Pitysister 01-25-2008 04:18 PM

haha....dong very well.

EricT 01-25-2008 04:26 PM

BTW, I do want to warn people that if you dive into fullfledge grip training, something I used to do, beyond that of what is required to keep up you supporting strength for your pulling, it becomes a thing where the more types of things you do, the more other types of things you have to do. You got so many muscles and tendons at work that it's easy to get tendonitis and such if you don't keep thing's balanced.

TALO 01-25-2008 05:49 PM

I don't use straps either, but my deadlift is over 400lbs and I do need to strap up for that. So Eric,I guess my grip is ok , but it still feels week. I still think it would be nice to close those 350's

Your right 0311 chalk is very effective.

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