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G&G 01-07-2011 08:20 AM

GVT is great?
The "German volume training" as good as seem or has it negative point?

Someone, that had just proved it, can confirm the power of the method?

Kevsworld 01-20-2011 05:55 AM

I've used it before. I seem to remember putting on a few pounds with it, but it was very boring. Strength also went down a little because of the lower weights I was using. Overall it was ok but I didn't really enjoy it because of the boredom. Maybe others have had better results.

Sarah_Ming 02-03-2011 03:35 AM

It may have different results at different people, I think you should try to find out it

Volume-405 04-11-2011 09:48 AM

Volme is King!
How anyone can say volume is "ok" or average is beyond me. Everyone is entitled to they're opinion but its very easy to comprehend the heavier weight you use and the longer you use that weight, regardless of the exercise, the greater the lbm response is going to be. Remember training for Strength and training for Size are (2) completely different things.

Volume must be done scientifically. By that I mean usually 80% of !rm is best then done until your form starts to deteriorate. It works, it definitely works. Anything else is a shot in the dark w/ out an accurate way to measure what your doing.

build 04-25-2011 10:07 PM

the first 2 times I did gvt for chest were awesome, especially the first one, then its was downhill from there. I kept getting sick from gvt squats too.

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