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drewcareyoh 04-05-2005 07:06 PM

I am a newly joined member to this forum. I have been in the Navy for almost 17 years. When I first came in, I was a very nice 178 lbs. I am now 290 lbs and if I don't get my act together in 5 months I will be losing my retirement chances by being kicked out. I will also be deployed for those 5 months onboard a small-boy (non-carrier) ship. I can't really control the food too much and I have limited weight-lifting and cardio equipment. Can someone PLEASE show me, or teach me what to do. Thanks! I'll also check into the CKD diet (saw on another post) but not sure how closely I can follow it. Underway I usually work about 18 hours so will have to either do workouts before or after I start working.


WonderMonkey 04-05-2005 09:03 PM

Skipping the lectures, what weight do you have to get down to?

And you have to lose lots you are going to have to keep in touch with a doctor during this time. Crash losing weight can be dangerous.

WonderMonkey 04-05-2005 09:05 PM

And you CAN control your food to some exent if you purchase supplements to help you through this. It can be expensive but if your career is on the line then it should be small in comparison.

Darkhorse 04-06-2005 04:37 AM

I probably understand your situation better than anybody. I was stuck on a LPD while deployed to Okinawa. The ship food sucks, the gym sucks, and it's too much of a pain getting on the flight deck to run laps. So what can you do? You're going to have to cut your food rations in half, with dinner being nothing but a salad. Get some meal replacement packets to take with you and have one for lunch. In the gym, try jumping rope in between sets, it'll help you lose some weight. You're also going to have to hit the top deck and start some windsprints. Ten windsprints, with your rest time being twice as long as your sprint. Running laps won't have a big dramatic effect, but can also do a little good. I sometimes find taking caffeine will help curve some of the hunger. Look at the Bulk Nutrition website and check out the Hoodia (1Fast400) It is a cactus that helps curve appetite.

hrdgain81 04-06-2005 05:42 AM

green tea extract will also help curb hunger. If you cant get to the gym go with the old stand by, sprints, crunches, pushups, pull ups. your gonna have to kick your own ass, and have some serious mental strength.

it can be done, but you have to make the mental comitment and stick with it, that will be the hardest part.

Darkhorse 04-06-2005 06:57 AM

The good part about being on ship is that if you have the will power to skip the mess hall, then you won't have another chance to eat until the next meal is served. Think about getting some casein protein. Take 2 scoops right before bed so that way you won't wake up in the middle of the night hungry. Also try pulling the rank card with the sailors serving chow. I'm sure after 17 years you're at least an E-6. Shit, I picked up E-5 after 4.5 years in the Marines (Sergeant) Ask them to give you a double serving of scrambled eggs instead of pancakes or waffles. Just eat the eggs and some of the fruit they serve.

drewcareyoh 04-06-2005 03:06 PM

Thanks for all the options. I have to lose about 10 percent bodyfat and/or 80 pounds to get within standards. In order to score an outstanding I need to do 100 situps / 67 pushups and the 1.5 mile in 10 minutes for my age-group. I can currently only do 54 situps / 47 pushups and the 1.5 mile in an embarrasing 15:30. I'm on a cruiser so we really don't have anywhere to do the windsprints due to having helos on our small flightdeck. We do have 2 pretty good treadmills, 2 bikes, and 1 mountainclimber. We also have just had a heavy bag put in. I will probably have to go with the little to no dinner and lunch with heavy eggs order for bkfst which is okay. The food prep guys and I get along great so that won't be a problem. I can do salads for lunch and dinner no worries. Sometimes they even have cottage cheese. The suppliments may be a problem just because of costs so I may have to do without. I usually take One-a-day multivitamins so I'll just stick with that. What would be a good workout routine? I was thinking m-w-f muscle-building with t-th-sa cardio, and having Sunday as a rest day or light cardio. I have my Purple belt in Chinese Kenpo so was going to be doing my forms, kempos, and defensive movements every morning which if done slowly with power should be almost like doing Power Tai Chi. What does anyone think about that? Also, thanks for no huge lectures. I'm here for help and you guys have been great with it. I really appreciate it.


Darkhorse 04-06-2005 03:14 PM

I did Chang Shou Kung-Fu and kickboxing all through high school. Not too sure if forms would help. Heavy bag would be good if you do it timed. Go all out for 2 minutes, then take a 4 minute break and start again. That is a great cardio technique that will certainly help you. Your schedule looks good for weights and cardio. Just remember that high intensity cardio is the most efficient way to get in shape and lose fat. Forget about the treadmill. Go for an intense 16 minute bike session, pushing as hard as you can do. Next cardio session do the stair master the same way. Also keep in mind not to eat anything past 1800. Good Luck-

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