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derwood23 05-10-2005 02:25 AM

How is this approach?
I've been working out and dieting for about 3 weeks now. Here's a basic overview of what I've been doing.

Right now I'm about 225 lbs and 6'2" in height.
I've been on a 1000-1500 calorie diet. Mostly coming from fruit, vegies, pasta, suppliments and meat. I eat about 6 times a day.
7am- whey protein shake w/ milk (nonfat 10 oz)
9am-whole grain cerial with banana
11am- apple and banana
12:30pm- 6" tuna subway sandwich
6:30pm- chicken/steak with mixed vegies
9:00pm- whey protein w/ milk (nonfat 10 oz)
All I drink is water now. (beside nonfat milk in cerial and whey)

That would be a typical day as far as food.

The Suppliments I'm taking at the moment are:
Multi vitamin
Whey protein
Hidroxycut (caffine free)

I'm on a 2 on 1 off workout shedule. Working chest/shoulders/abs on day 1 and arms/legs/back on day 2.

I run for about 10-15 mins 4 days a week on a treadmill.

Is this a good approach? I'm trying to reach a goal of single digit body fat. If I were to guess, I would say I'm around 20-25% body fat right now. I was planning on taking this approach for about 8 weeks and then take a 4 week break from the suppliments. (with the exception of the multi vitamin)

Also....about rest. I'm on a rest day today, but I feel really good and was thinking about working out anyways. Is that a good or bad idea when I feel good like this?

I have seen a dramatic loss in fatty areas so far, but when does the dreaded platue show up typically? And if I do hit a platue, what can I do about it?

Am I missing anything suppliment wise?

Can't think of any other questions at the moment, but I will post again if I think of any. Thanks for the help.

verbatimreturned 05-10-2005 02:35 AM

sounds pretty complete to me...if u were on a resting day then if i were u i would probably rest just so everything goes back to normal, and your muscles get a little time off

Darkhorse 05-10-2005 07:15 AM

You can definately workout on your rest days if you feel like it. Just listen to your body.

steryles 05-11-2005 10:42 AM

Is what he does considered clean bulking? im looking for a diet that is simple enough to go by considering if i need anything i have to buy it from the grocery store and make it, also i have school so it puts a dent in my day any suggestions?

sdf42450 05-11-2005 11:04 AM

1000-1500 calories is VERY low... especially if you aren't on something to help preserve muscle mass. reaching single digit BF% is going to be tough as your body will canabolize muscle during this "cut" making the weight lost part fat/part muscle. so you may lose 10lbs but it might only be 1% or 2% BF. keep this up and all that fatburning-muscle mass you'd like to keep will wither away making it even harder to lose fat... if you aren't careful you very well could end up just a smaller, softer version of your current self without dropping your BF% much at all

apocalypse 05-11-2005 11:12 AM

True dat SDF, also u might want to up ur protein intake, and take some creatine or something, it will help u, not a whole lot, but every little bit counts.

Darkhorse 05-11-2005 06:29 PM

I agrre too. You need to add another 1500 to the calories if you are attempting to bulk up, or even preserve muscle mass for that matter. You weren't clear on that. :confused:

apocalypse 05-11-2005 08:57 PM

He is trying to loose weight, I cant believe people who live in this century dont understand the difference between fat loss and weight loss.

derwood23 05-11-2005 09:07 PM

oops...double post for the lose =[

derwood23 05-11-2005 09:07 PM

Well, Currently I'm trying to get a minimum of 200 grams of protein a day. Since this post I have had a couple of days to really keep track of my calorie intake per day. Over a 3 day period, I have been eating an average of 2150 calories. I was just too hungry being down around 1250 calories. I have felt much better the last 3 days and have had some really good workouts as well.

My question to you is this, is 2000-2500 calories with 175 grams of protein enough to preserve muscle mass? Enough to grow in lean muscle mass? Will the fat loss actually increase? Again, I weigh around 225lbs at the moment.

Am I taking my suppliments correctly?

(ON 100% Whey)
50- grams in the morning
50- grams 30 mins before workout
50- grams right after workout

1- with every protein shake

5- grams in pre workout shake
5- grams in post workout shake

1- in morning
1- in early evening (8pm or so)

2- 30 mins before meals 3 times a day

I have also added extra vitamin c which I take with multi-vitamin.

Thanks again for the input so far. Just the kind of help I'm looking for.

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