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raghav 07-13-2007 09:41 AM

How to bring variation !!
Ok this may take few more words then the usual posts but I would like to be precise. I've been training for past 1 year and have been able to gain 11kg of weight and have made substantial gain in chest and shoulder region and some in arms too . Now I have following questions :-

1) I have read that with time the body get acclimatise to weight training and gaining stops or reduces therefore one must varies the training schedule. My point is how to vary I mean is it in terms of exercises I do or the methodology. I mean I have come across jargons like Optimized Volume Training, High Intensity Training and what not so I am totally confused. Some advices are to try maximizing the weight lift while some says importance of form and higher reps at low weights.

2) How can I reduce fat content and increase my lean body mass. Its a Sophies choice I mean as far as I have read that our body increases in unit so if I am aspiring for bigger biceps nd chest then my tummy will also increase which is the case as of now. I want to maximize my gains while keeping my waistline and stomach in control. So how to go abt it

Thanx in advance for all the advices

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