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nvcballr10 07-05-2013 11:08 PM

Life Story Need Advice
Alright so here it is. My damn life story. Before I start, I would love comments and criticism, but please dont leave the BS comments like youre an idiot blah blah. So here is the scoop.

I am 6'4 215 16% bf. I am an college baseball player who still plays. Obviously I have had to workout and stay in shape to play in college. But now I am 29 (almost 30) years old.

Heres what I think I know. I know I dont do enough cardio. I have figured that shoulders and legs are a big part of working out. Didnt think shoulders were in the past because of baseball.

Heres what I want. I feel like I have hit a wall. I workout and dont really get stronger and even if I do I dont get any bigger. I would like to be cut up 10 percent body fat but I dont want to be scronny either. i want some thickness to my arms (no idea how to get that) I know i need to do some more cardio as well as continue to workout my legs.
I dont know I feel as if I could be a bit bigger and more cut.

I am looking for any advice, supplements, ideas, criticism whatever. I have a little money to spend on diet, supps, other stuff.

My personal thoughts I may need to eat more. i feel as if im not getting as much protein intake as I should be. I dont know. I do know I need to be able to throw a ball but.

Diet: oikos greek yogurt 600am
4 eggs with peppers and mushrooms at about 830am
chicken and vegetables around 1230pm
snacks of fruit in between
workout at 530/6 protein drink/shot right after
dinner round 7 of chicken and veggies

any suggestions/criticims welcome

ruelisla 08-21-2013 08:44 AM

My first question is, What is your Main Goal?

In my opinion you still dont know what is you main goal.

Give me what is your main goal and i will gladly help you and give you with your goal.

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