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acebrigade 02-05-2008 10:37 PM

Marathon Training/Cutting

i am currently training for a marathon in may but i had a few extra pounds on me to begin with. i started exercising regularly and intensely about 3 weeks ago and i've already lost a bit of fat.

i am willing to sacrifice a large frame for a cut and tone body. basically i want to see all of my hard work, not just some of it.

i run for 24-100 min every day and usually weight lift upper body and core about 4-5 times a week.

i currently take no supplements, not even a daily vit. only muscle milk after my runs/workouts.

i need some help determining what type of supplements i need and when to take them. money is not a huge issue.

i am currently 21 years old, 200 pounds, and 6 feet tall. my diet consists of low carbs and high protien. i would like to drop this excess fat as fast as possible.

someone said if i do 1000 crunches (in different variations) a day, i could loose the fat and look toned in about a month. i don't know if i believe this.

enlighten this newb.

Ross86 02-06-2008 04:58 AM

You will lose the fat by doing cardio. Doing 1000 crunches will 'tone' your midsection, but how would it burn fat? I'm a huge fan of doing HIIT. That's something that you might want to look into. Because you're running that long for several days a week, you are most likely burning muscle. Supplements might help you get to your goal about 5% quicker. The other 20% is training followed by 75% diet (don't ask where I got those numbers from :)).

Post your diet.

acebrigade 02-06-2008 09:22 AM

hey ross, thanks for the input, here is my current diet.

meal 1: 2 egg whites and 2 pieces of wheat bread. glass of OJ and cup of tea.

meal 2: handfull of trail mix.

pre-workout: half of a power bar.

workout: nothing

post workout: 1 serving of muscle milk with fat free skim milk

meal 3: usually baked chicken breast with a lot of veggies

meal 4: sometimes i dont have a meal four, sometimes its another muscle milk shake, sometimes more chicken breast.

i don't really count calories because i'm slightly lazy when it comes to that.

all of my marathon references say i should be eating more carbs, but all of the cutting references say i should be eating less carbs.

also, do you think a daily sport vit with the addition of a multi B vitamin would help speed up my metabolism?

thanks boys.

acebrigade 02-06-2008 12:45 PM

so i just went out and bought some supps. i did some research throughout this forum. here is what i got:

Whey Isolate
L-Glutamine Powder
R-ALA pills
BCAA pills

i also have some muscle milk left.

based on my previous two posts. can anyone tell me when, and how much of these supps i should be taking. do i need to add anything else? keep in mind i'm trying to cut.


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