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Pirate 05-19-2011 01:29 PM

muscle memory
Curious as to anyones thoughts or opinions on muscle memory

iron_worker 05-19-2011 01:59 PM

Why don't you tell us what you know about it/opinions on the matter?


Pirate 05-19-2011 04:32 PM

Well im not too sure, I know I've heard a lot of people talk about it, but not sure if its an actual thing. They talk about for whatever reason stopping keeping their diet in check and they stop lifting yet come back after a year or months and lose 10+ lbs of muscle and somehow bounce back and make a massive gain to near what they were in a matter of a few weeks...I find it hard to curious if anyone has experienced anything like that?

Kevsworld 05-21-2011 10:02 AM

I've been meaning to write a post about it. Technically speaking, the term doesn't have anything to do with weight training. But what most of us are referring to is the fact that it seems to take less time to regain muscle after an injury or layoff than it took to build the muscle/strength the first time. I'm a believer in it.

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