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rami 02-03-2006 12:57 PM

need advise
i'm 20 years old, i left training before 2 year and i want to return back, and i don't now how to start in training and what schedules i must do so if any one can help me plz write back.
some information about me
length is 5.5 feet
and i'm 65kg weight

_Wolf_ 02-03-2006 08:23 PM

it would be easier for all of us over here to help you out if you state your goals..

in case you don't know what "goals" are, i'll give a few example:

1.) Mass Gaining - e.g. "I want to increase the size of my amrs / any body part along with my whole body"

2.) Cutting - e.g. "i want to get definition into my muscles and reduce my body fat % considerably in order to show off a sweet 6 pack"

3.) Strength Training - e.g. "I want to become as strong as humanly possible"

I hope these examples will help you sort out your goals because i was very confused about mine till a while ago :) and every now and then, i slip into confusion and conflict of internal thoughts :)

hope to help u out soon.... :)

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