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aznwrestler 02-19-2008 04:13 PM

need help! important questions!
hey guys i have some questions that have really really been bugging me

first off, im 14 years old, 169 lbs, 5'8" and have worked out in 8th grade, then quit in summer, then back up again around late september.

i am a wrestler, and i am hoping to hit 152 by may or so, and become really muscular for it. im honestly kinda fat but i do have a little muscle but cant be seen to much cuz of fat

my questions are
1. does running on a day u work out weaken and make u lose muscle? i run about 12-15 min whenever i do run.
2. i am only a teen and i dont want to gain mass and too much muscle so i only put my tri-protein powder about 1 teaspoon into some a cup of orange juice. is this too much or too little, and will it help?
3. I want to build strength, and gain muscle. i know of strength training is about 2-5 reps and power training 6-12 reps, so what should i do? in between?

PLEASE HELP ME i would really appreciate it. thanks :)

Ross86 02-19-2008 05:58 PM

Read some of the stickies in the nutrition, fatloss, and training forums. That will answer most of the questions you have now, the questions you are going to think of to ask, and a lot of the important questions that you won't think to ask. :)

widdoes2504 02-19-2008 06:03 PM


rtaylor07 02-19-2008 06:03 PM

14 yrs old, wow bud that's pretty young, as far as running and working out, I beleive cardio is the precursur to any workout. It's great to get that heart pumping then hit whatever it is your doing to build strength. I personally believe that 14 is to young to be lifting but others will disagree so as always do what you feel is best maybe consult somebody close to you. Another great way to stay in shape and not have those incidents where your weight changes that drastically is to have a partner. Workout partners are essential to any training. He OR she will is a major component in motivating you to stay in shape and vica versa.

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