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Need some workout and nutrition advices. Loosing fat and gain some muscle

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Old 05-03-2009, 04:44 PM
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Default Need some workout and nutrition advices. Loosing fat and gain some muscle

I'm trying too loose fat and don't loose muscle size. Actually I want to gain some muscle too (chest, back, shoulders), but that is secondary target. I do workout listed below about 2 months (nutrition about 1,5 month), but results are not so good as I expected.. I gained some muscles, but I'm loosing fat too slow. Could you please check my workout and tell me what's wrong. Cheers!

Male 27 y.o. 179cm(5' 10.4") ,89kg(196lbs)

Before weights I do treadmill high intensive 5 mins (13-15 km/h) for warmup.
I do 3 sets per every exercise.

Monday - Chest and biceps
Barbell bench press (smith machine) (15-12-10)
Dumbbell incline bench press (15-12-10)
Dumbbell flye (12-12-10)
Standing biceps curl (15-12-10)
Hammer curl (12-12-10)
Wrist curl (15-12-12)
Clam crunches (40-30-25)
Side bend with dumbbell (30-30-25)

Wednesday - Shoulders and legs
Bar military press (15-12-10)
Bar upright row (12-12-10)
Dumbbell lateral raise (12-12-10)
Back squat (smith machine) (15-12-10)
Barbell lunge (16-14-12)
Machine leg curl (15-12-10)
Reverse crunches (25-20-15)
Bicycle kick

Friday - Back and triceps
Assisted pull-up (15-12-10)
Barbell bent-over row (12-10-10)
Dead lift (10-8-6)
Parallel bar dip (15-10-8)
Triceps kickback (12-12-10)
Reverse wrist curl (12-12-10)
Clam crunches (40-30-25)
Seated twist

Actimel (small probiotic yogurt)
Cod liver oil capsule (Omega 3 fats), multi-vitamin capsule
Oats with skimmed milk - 200-300g

Protein drink (120Kcal, 24g proteine, 2g carbs, 2g fats + amino complex)

1:30 p.m.
Steak (200-300g)
Rice or salad

If it is "relax" day
Protein drink or 100g of tuna chunks

It it is workout day:
4 capsules of amino acids before and 4 after workout
2xprotein drink after workout

Fish or chicken breast
Rice or salad

I'm about to add some cardio (I tried to run 8-10km during Sunday, but had some problems with my knees after that...).
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Old 05-04-2009, 12:45 AM
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Scrap the extras, Biceps curls, hammer curls etc. If any bi work maybe BB Curls once a week 3 heavy sets 6-8 reps.

Same with tris, drop those kickbacks your bench press and shoulder press plus your dips are enough, if you must try some skull crushers instead heavy sets of 3, 6-8 reps

Drop the chest flys, bench w/out the smith machine, if you need a spotter that bad the weight is to heavy in the first place. Dont be afraid of the 2.5 and 5 pound plates.

Drop the extra leg work, squat w/ out a smith machine.

Drop those bb raises to you'll work your traps on Dead lifts.

Im no expert but those are some things i've learned over time. People focus to much on arms, its a waste of time, those muscles will build with all the other stuff your doing. I also think your doing to many reps, if your doing 15 reps the weights definitely to light.
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