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JayzDaMan 02-14-2008 01:34 PM

New Guy Looking For Advise.
Hey everyone, was scouring the net looking for some info and thought I'd try here.I just turned 34 in February, am self-employed and usually work a minimum of 60hrs a week.I'm really starting to feel alot older than I am.I'm 6' tall and weigh 220lbs.I have a very thick frame especially chest and arm area.It looks like I use to work out but never really have.I'm starting to eat properley and watch my calories.I'd like to lose another 20lbs.I want to start going to the gym but don't really know where to start.Should I make an appointment with the on staff fitness advisor or could any one recommend a program or book that I could possibly follow?I'm really not looking to get cut.I'm looking to get thick.Big arms, chest legs etc, as well as lose a little fat.Thanks for your help and advise.

TALO 02-14-2008 02:46 PM


Goodluck with your goals. There is a ton of info on here, just read some stickies. I'm sure you will find what you need and you might be able to save some money on a trainer.

widdoes2504 02-15-2008 03:59 AM

Welcome! Like Talo said good luck with your goals and there is a lot of info on the site. Read the stickies and get more info on what you want to do. I personally always liked Rippetoe's Starting Strength and had good results when using it. If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask. There are a lot of good people on this site always willing to help. :weights:

hrdgain81 02-15-2008 06:13 AM

I'll second what talo and widdoes said, and welcome to the site. Since your looking to drop bodyfat, I would suggest reading through the stickies in the fatloss forum. The first step is to look at your diet, and see what you can do better. I would suggest taking a week and writing down everything you eat. Then compare that to what you find in the stickies. and of course, post up questions, we are here to help.

TunaMan 02-21-2008 07:26 PM

dude..if you're self at got it great. buy a sweet jump rope and some weights..or sign up for a cheap gym. bust your ass maybe 4-5 days a week followed with some cardio..i lost 45 lbs lifting my butt off with very intense cardio after..i would mix it up with stair running and jump roping and got very good..everyone noticed a change next school year and i felt unbelievably confident and my whole life changed. clean out that pig style fridge and eat clean..every 2-3 hours of small meals..getting in shape isn't really hard i's a matter of staying consistent and wanting it..when you think u can't do another rep or run another lap..buckle down and think of someone or something or go to God if you believe in him because it's all worth it. I got so hooked on working out I want to pursue bodybuilding and working on a kinesiology - health and fitness management degree. I eat right and bust my ass and just feel good..if i can do it you can too! PM me if u want some more help. i get the exp!

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