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Opinions about my training

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Old 10-02-2014, 03:56 AM
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Default Opinions about my training

Hi, this is my workout.
I'm 1.70m x 57 kgs.
I want to gain mass.

A)- Bench press 4X10 (rest 1.30)
- 30┬░inclined dumbbell bench press 4x8 (rest 1.30)
-push-ups 3x10 (rest 1.00)
-Scott bench Ez-bar 4x8 (rest 1.30)
-Calbe curl 4x10 (rest 1.30)
-Lateral raise 4x8 (rest 1.00)
-Crunch on fitball+ plank 3x20+30'' (rest 1.00)
-chest press 3x12 (rest 1.00)

B)-Pull up 4x8 (rest 1.30)
-Back Lat machine 4x10 (rest 1.30)
-Half Deadlift 4x12 (rest 1.30)
-One-arm dumbbell row 4x12+12 (rest 1.30)
-Push down 4x10 (rest 1.30)
-Push ups tight arms 3x10 (rest 1.00)
-Dips 4x8 (rest 1.30)

C) -Squat 4x12 (rest 1.30)
-Leg press 4x10-10-8-8 (rest 1.30)
- Lunges with dumbbells 4x6+6 (rest 1.00)
- Inclined Bench press 4x8 (rest 1.30)
-Arnold press 4x8 (rest 1.00)
-Calf 3x15 (rest 1.00)
-Reverse crunch 4x15 (rest 0.40)

What do you think about it? Any advices??
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Old 05-20-2015, 07:54 AM
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nice intensive workout routine.
better do incline with 45 degree other then that all seems quite okay with me bro best of luck
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